Public Relations - Getting the Word Out

PR Responsibility List

  1. Know Your Details: Ensure you have the date, time, location, description, website (or link to the departmental homepage) and any details that might help promote the event.

  2. Contact University Relations for a news release at 1(309) 298-1993.

  3. Enter the info into the university web calendar using a standards-compliant browser.

  4. Print Publications:
    • 11 x 17 poster formats are easier to see from 10 feet away
    • Ensure poster proofs are approved by DGSE PRIOR TO PRINTING.
    • Take poster to DPS (down past Thompson Hall).
      • Turnaround is generally quick but get it to them as soon as possible. DPS's prices are on their website.
      • Hand out posters to other EGO members to post around campus. NOTE: ALL campus buildings have a building representative who must view the poster and make it for permission or it will be discarded.
      • Suggested Buildings: Simpkins, Union, Morgan, Currens, Library, Horrabin.