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Spring & Fall 2014 News

  • STD Published Students: Amy Fogarty and Brandon Nizzio had their works published in the 2014 edition of EX MEDIO, Sigma Tau Delta International English Honor Society's peer-reviewed journal for the Midwestern Region. Amy published "This Old House" and "Leopard is Not a Color," and Brandon published "Chased by Loss." Amy is a Journalism major with a Creative Writing minor, and Brandon is an English major with a Creative Writing minor. Here is a link to the online journal:
  • Congratulations Graduates! Congratulations to our Spring 2014 graduates! 34 English majors earned their Bachelor of Arts degree, five with honors, and 14 Journalism majors earned the BA, two with honors. We also awarded 12 Master of Arts in English degrees.
    • English: Rebecca A. Allen, Sarah K. Bielarski, Corin E. Bodenhamer (magna cum laude), Dana T. Breen, Dustin G. Burnaugh (magna cum laude), Andrew Costigan, Victoria E. Drews (magna cum laude), Michelle M. Dumele, Jonathon T. Eveland, Elizabeth A. Geib, Stephanie R. Gilbert, Juliana D. Goodman, Stephanie L. Gray, William Hardiman, Kaitlynn E. Hays, Paige E. Henninger, Steven T. Kedroski, Jill R. Larkins, Reilly E. Maloney, Kenneth C. Mcentee, Amanda K. Morris, Kylee B. Palmer, Jennifer N. Park, Brittany L. Petrillo, Zachary Pratt, Ronnie P. Robertson (cum laude), William R. Saulnier, Natalie J. Shinn, Brett A. Shriver, Suzanne B. Teague, Briana Y. Tyler, Emily T. Vaughn, Di Ann F. Vulich (cum laude), Leann D. Weiss.
    • Journalism: Alice Baglin, Sanche Carmona, Osbaldo Castaneda, Amy L. Fogarty (cum laude), Tyler S. Hintz, Luke A. Johnson, Kendra M. Lutterman, Steven W. Lutz, Brittany S. Powell, Kelly L. Sheridan, Akemei S. Smith, Jarnay R. Taper, Ashley B. Whitehouse, and A. M. Zoellner (cum laude).
    • MA in English: Brittany L. Barrie, Jeremy C. Birkey, Kristyne S. Bradford, Diana L. Chan, Chelsea B. Clearman, E. A. Clothier, N. Hagstrom Schmidt, Jill D. King, Cassidy A. Litle, Timothy B. Nicholas, Emily A. Schoon, and Regina L. Wilkerson.
  • Siddiqi nominated for diversity awards: Congratulations to Mohammad Siddiqi, nominated for President's Excellence in Diversity Awards for education, leadership and service.
  • E&J Awards at Undergraduate Research Day: Teddy Mueller (pictured) shared his work on the discourse community of the cast of Oklahoma, supervised by Barbara Harroun, at the 2014 Helm Undergraduate Research Day.
  • Congratulations to Professor Margaret Sinex, awarded the 2014 Centennial Honors College Award of Excellence in Teaching.
  • Rahman at Monmouth Pakistan Conference: English Professor Shazia Rahman will lead a discussion, "Home and Belonging in the Desert," at the April 7-8 Pakistan Conference at Monmouth College. April 8. 2:00 to 3:30pm, Pattee Auditorium.
  • Siddiqi honored by Morehouse College: Congratulations to Dr. Mohammad Siddiqi, Professor of Journalism, who was inducted into the Martin Luther King Jr. College of Ministers and Laity of Morehouse College on April 2, 2014.
  • Fall 2014 course descriptions are now available: many English & Journalism faculty have offered detailed course descriptions for Fall 2014. Have a look and get ready to register!


Spring & Fall 2014 Events


  1. EGO/STD 11th Annual Conference: OCT 24-25th 2014. The English Graduate Organization (EGO) and the Sigma Tau Delta chapter of Western Illinois University will be hosting our eleventh annual conference at WIU. The conference will begin with a talk by our keynote speaker Professor Julie Rak from University of Alberta in Morgan Hall 109. Her talk will focus on her current book project, Social Climbing: Gender in Mountaineering Expedition Writing and Film and is free and open to the public.  


  1. Western Illinois University’s Journalism Day. OCT 29, 2014. This upcoming Journalism Day will focus on “Ethics: A Foundation for Personal Growth and Social Responsibility” . Our keynote speaker will be Bill Knight who is an award winning journalist with more than 20 years of teaching and practicing journalism.  In addition, there will be the same high caliber workshops conducted by our WIU Journalism faculty.  


  1. Take a Study Trip to Italy! (May 18-June 1, 2015). Exploring the Great Beauty of Rome and Beyond.All Alumni, Friends and Students Welcome! A Study Abroad Course to introduce you to Italian contemporary society from a film and cultural studies prospective. There are two information meetings regarding the study abroad course to Italy. Both in the University Union. SEPT 22nd: 2:00-3:00pm OR SEPT 24th: 4:00-5:00pm. Both sessions will be in the Macomb campus University Union - in the Springfield Room (south section of Capital rooms). Quad City Campus: Sept. 24 (WED), 2-3pm (Quad City Complex 1112)


  1. Film Club SCREENINGS at WIU: SIMPKINS HALL ROOM 220 @ 7 PM; Film Club Poster; Film List with Synopsis
    • Miller’s Crossing (1990, USA) Tom Regan, an advisor to a Prohibition era crime boss, tries to keep the peace between warring mobs but gets caught in divided loyalties. Directors: Joel Coen, Ethan Coen Starring: Gabriel Byrne, Albet Finney, John Turturro (IMDB)
    • The Parallax View (1974, USA) An ambitious reporter gets in way-over-his-head trouble while investigating a senator's assassination which leads to a vast conspiracy involving a multinational corporation behind every event in the worlds headlines. Director: Alan J. Pakula Starring: Warren Beatty, Paula Prentiss, William Daniels (IMDB)
    • Noroi: The Curse (2005, Japan) A documentary filmmaker explores seemingly unrelated paranormal incidents connected by the legend of an ancient demon called the "kagutaba." Director: Kôji Shiraishi Starring: Jin Muraki, Rio Kanno, Tomono Kuga (IMDB)
    • Les Diaboliques (1955, France) The wife of a cruel headmaster and his mistress conspire to kill him, but after the murder is committed, his body disappears, and strange events begin to plague the two women. Director: H.G. Clouzot Starring: Simone Signoret, Véra Clouzot, Paul Meurisse (IMDB)
    • Django (1966, Italy) A coffin-dragging gunslinger enters a town caught between two feuding factions, the KKK and a gang of Mexican Bandits. That man is Django, and he is caught up in a struggle against both parties. Director: Sergio Corbucci Starring: Franco Nero, José Canalejas, José Bódalo (IMDB)
    • Santa Claus (1959, Mexico) With the aid of Merlin, Santa Claus must defeat the evil machinations of the devil Pitch to ruin Xmas. Director: René Cardona Starring: José Elías Moreno, Cesáreo Quezadas, José Luis Aguirre (IMDB)
  2. WIU Film Club is pleased to bring to campus Italian-African filmmaker and social activist Fred Kudjo Kuwornu . NOV 5th:Sandburg Theater, 7-9 pm (followed by a reception, Sandburg Lounge, 9-10 pm) He will screen and discuss his documentary film “Inside Buffalo.” This multi-awarded documentary shot in Italy and in the US tells the “forgotten” story of the 92nd African-American infantry division of 15.000 soldiers who served in Italy during WWII (for more information, see Kuwornu will also discuss his latest work on immigration in Italian society. A Q&A session will follow as well as a reception (Sandburg Lounge). The event is free and open to the public.The event is sponsored by the Film Club, the Department of English and Journalism and the President’s Office. Co-sponsored by the Departments of African American Studies and Broadcasting.


  1. As part of the "Perceptions: Exploring Self and Identity through Visual Art" exhibition at the University Art Gallery, and through the generosity of the Visiting Lecture Committee, we are lucky enough to welcome poet, professor, and editor Kirstin Hotelling Zona to our campus on Wednesday, September 17th. Zona will give a craft talk based on the theme of the exhibition at 12:15 in the University Art Gallery. She will also give a poetry reading and answer questions that afternoon, in the same location, at 4:15 p.m. Kirstin Hotelling Zona’s most recent collection of poems, Drift (2011) was a semi-finalist in the Finishing Line Press Open Book Contest. Her poetry has appeared most recently in journals such as the Southwest Review (winner of the Stover Prize), the Cincinnati Review, the Georgetown Review, the Mississippi Review, Beloit Poetry Journal, Columbia, and Poet Lore. Kirstin is the Editor-in Chief of SRPR (Spoon River Poetry Review), as well as the author of a book of criticism, Marianne Moore, Elizabeth Bishop, and May Swenson: The Feminist Poetics of Self-Restraint (Michigan UP). Kirstin has published numerous essays on contemporary poets and poetics in journals such as ISLE, Modernism/Modernity, and Twentieth Century Literature. She lives with her two children in downeast Maine and in central Illinois, where she is Co-Host of Poetry Radio on WGLT, a local NPR affiliate, and Associate Professor of English at Illinois State University. Kirstin is also a life coach, drawing upon her experiences as an educator and writer to help women realize their full creative potentials in the crafting of joyous, purposeful lives. This exhibition, according to the University Art Gallery,is "an effort to engage Western Illinois University students and the greater McDonough County community in conversations about visual art, the University Art Gallery and the Department of English and Journalism have partnered to present the annual Perceptions Project exhibition. This fall, the exhibition theme explores questions about self-perception and identity." As well, "The artwork is accompanied by personal reflections, poems, and flash fiction. These "community voices" offer viewers an opportunity to examine how personal interests and experiences have shaped their colleagues and friends' perceptions of visual art, as well as their own." For more information about this exhibition and the University Art Gallery as a whole, please visit

VISITING SPEAKERS (sponsored by the Dept. of Eng/Jour):

  1. The Fred Case and Lola Austin Case Writer-in-Residence Series: Roxane Gay.  Wednesday, Nov. 19th, at 5pm. Roxane Gay is an award-winning writer and the founder of Tiny Hardcore Press.  Her work has appeared in Best American Short Stores 2012 and The New York Times Book Review.  She is the author of a short story collection entitled Ayiti, a novel entitled An Untamed State, and an essay collection entitled Bad Feminist.  Roxane Gay is currently a Professor of English at Purdue University.