College of Arts and Sciences

Graduate Profiles

Rayvon Carter (Shelton II) (B.A. Journalism, 2012; English M.A., 2015)

Writer, Apple

"I am a Bay-Area based Writer working at Apple and a 2015 graduate of the English Graduate Program at WIU. When I entered the program back in 2013, I had no idea of the adventures, adversity, and opportunities that lied ahead. I struggled with finding and establishing my academic voice, which is often the reality of many marginalized students in higher education from underrepresented populations. However, my time in the English Graduate Program provided me with an opportunity to sharpen my creative prowess and writing capacity — two essential components of my career. I even gained community with some of my professors and cohort, a few of whom I remain connected to today. For those of you that are current students and may be experiencing some of what I experienced, I admonish you to keep going. Keep writing. Keep putting in that extra time to grapple with the material. Keep going to office hours. Stay in the race, for what you’re going through now is preparing you for your next great thing."




Nicholaus Nusbaumer. Nicholaus Nusbaumer (English M.A., 2019) 

Ph.D. student in the Writing and Rhetoric Program at George Mason University (Washington, DC) 

“The English Graduate program at Western helped me gain agency over my degree with critical coursework, professional opportunities, and immersive teaching experience. Faculty in the department are immensely knowledgeable but always willing to learn more, and they imparted valuable, patient mentorship throughout the program. I graduated knowing I was wholly prepared to move forward while fondly reflecting on great fun, friends, and memories made along the way.” 



Ishimine Goins, English M.A. 2019.Ishimine Goins (English M.A., 2019) 

Visiting Instructor, First Year-Writing, Department of Writing and Linguistics, Georgia Southern University (Statesboro, GA)

“If I were to contemplate today, the preceding two years of my life spent at Western Illinois University; I would choose no other English graduate program in the world. This is not to take away from any reputable university, local or abroad—I am merely stating, the English department at WIU is exceptional. In my colligate career, I am blessed to have met so many inspiring professionals and intellectuals, whom I am lucky to call mentors and friends. Reflecting on my first year as an instructor at Georgia Southern University, I credit my preparedness, awareness, and compassion, to the individuals working and providing guidance throughout the halls of Simpkins. Thank you to my professors, mentors, graduate colleagues, and the staff of Simpkins.”



Jon Naskrent.Jon Naskrent (English B.A., 2016; English M.A., 2018)

Quality Reviewer, Boeing

"WIU’s English Graduate program helped me acquire the skills I needed to learn to accomplish my goals in both my professional and creative endeavors. The faculty want nothing more than to help you turn your education into the exact success story you’re looking for.

I wouldn’t be where I am today (working with Boeing) without WIU’s English program, and I am constantly grateful for having experienced it."





Jared Worley.

Jared R. Worley, (English B.A., 2016; English M.A., 2018)

Instructional System Designer, Boeing

"The English graduate program is phenomenal and highly customizable to whatever it is you have your sights on post-graduation. I came into the program with no real idea of what I wanted to do, but quickly discovered a passion thanks to the amazing faculty. I was able to cultivate all of my classes, class papers and class projects around my desired exit option. Developing a writing class curriculum proposal helped me land a position with Boeing designing and writing courseware for national and international defense programs."