College of Arts and Sciences

Requirements: MA in English

Students working toward the Master of Arts in English work with their faculty supervisory committee to develop individualized plans of study. Common areas of focus include literary analysis, cultural studies, or composition theory and pedagogy.

All students must satisfy three requirements totaling thirty student credit hours (30 sh):

  1. One core course, ENG 500 Theory and the Practice of English Studies (3 sh).
  2. Seven elective courses (21 sh).
  3. Two-course equivalent exit option (6 sh).

We recommend students take no more than two 400-level G courses (6 sh). Two courses (6 sh) may be independent work (ENG 620 or 622), or one course from another departments.

The graduate catalog provides more detail, including a full list of courses offered by the department.

Application & Admission


Please direct all comments to the Director of Graduate Studies in English (DGSE)