College of Arts and Sciences

Directed Readings (ENG 680)


  • Arthur Wyckoff, Directed Readings (M.A.), 2016, "Shakespearean Game and Comic Adaptation"


  • Heidi Norcross, Directed Readings (M.A.), 2015 "A Peek at Quiet: Female Silence in the Last 200 Years of American Literature (1824-2012)"
  • Cara Picton, Directed Readings (M.A.), 2015 "Children Who Lack Early Literacy at Home Can Potentially Encounter Remedial Class Replacement as College Freshman"


  • Chelsea Clearman, Directed Readings (M.A.), 2014 "Feminist Response to Pop Culture's Construction of Female Sexuality from 1950-"
  • Elena Moran-Cortes, Directed Readings (M.A.), 2014 "Social Media in Higher Education"
  • Arron Rietz, Directed Readings (M.A.), 2014 "Saving the Future of Education with Earth's Mightiest Heroes: The Formal Integration of Comics into Standard Secondary Curriculums"