College of Arts and Sciences

Recent Thesis Projects


  • Chelsea Brotherton, Thesis (M.A.), 2016, "Wrangling Queen[s]" and "Beastly Creature[s]": Nation, Gender, and Motherhood in Early Modern Drama, 1594-1647"
  • Cody Cunningham, Thesis (M.A.), 2016, "Beyond J. M. Barrie: Peter Pan and the Queering of the Lost Boy in Literature and Popular Culture"
  • Matthew Harrington, Thesis (M.A.), 2016, "Competition in the Antebellum Marketplace: The American Renaissance and Literary Responses to Middle-class Masculinity across Regional Borders"
  • Chris Ivy, Thesis (M.A.), 2016, "The Games are Afoot : Tracing Play and Deduction across Sherlock Holmes Narratives and Media Platforms"
  • Tanya Juhasz, Thesis (M.A.), 2016, "Composing Memory: How Technology is Shaping Transfer in the Digital Age"
  • Julianne Kaiser, Thesis (M.A.), 2016, "Making Noise: Understanding Sound in Comics"
  • Jordan Mcdonald, Thesis (M.A.), 2016, "The Teaching of Writing in Alternative High Schools"
  • Kelly McCormick, Thesis (M.A.), 2016, "Reimagning Space, Community, and the Body in Deborah Miranda’s Bad Indians; A Tribal Memoir and Elissa Washuta’s My Body is a Book of Rules"
  • Kiscena Minteer, Thesis (M.A.), 2016, "Discrimination Adapted from Novels to Films in Harry Potter: Goblet of Fire and Order of the Pheonix [sic]"
  • Ruby Nancy, Thesis (M.A.), 2016, "Travel in the Borderlands: Queer and First Generation Identity in Academic Writing"
  • Sharon Thompson, Thesis (M.A.), 2016, "Portrayals of Twentieth-century Masculinity in London’s The Sea-Wolf and Faulkner’s Absalom, Absalom!"
  • Di Ann Vulich, Thesis (M.A.), 2016, "Deviant Sexuality in Victorian Closets: Homosexuality in Nineteenth-century Literature"


  • Alexandra Ayers, Thesis (M.A.), 2015, "Looking Back: A Rhetorical History of the Purdue OWL (1995-1998)"
  • Allyson Borkgren, Thesis (M.A.), 2015, "I Want to be Your Dog: Intimate Human/canine Relationships in Fiction"
  • Hayleigh Covella, Thesis (M.A.), 2015, "Harry Potter and the Third Wave: Recontextualizing the Series that Shaped a Generation"
  • Michele DeLathower, Thesis (M.A.), 2015, "Can You Hear Me Now?: An Exploration of Community College Students’ Use of Literary Magazines"
  • Ashley Jones, Thesis (M.A.), 2015, "Is Harry Potter a Feminist Children’s Series?: An Examination of the Complicated Gender Dynamics of J. K. Rowling’s Hermione Granger"
  • Steve Long, Thesis (M.A.), 2015, "Genre Mashing: 21st Century Literary Television and the Case of True Detective"
  • Veronica Popp, Thesis (M.A.), 2015, "The Vampire and the Virgin: Patriarchal Purity, Eternal Marriage and Heteronormativity in the Twilight Saga"
  • Rayvon Shelton II, Thesis (M.A.), 2015, "Representations of Blacks in Contemporary American Film"
  • Abigail Tichler, Thesis (M.A.), 2015, "A Craved Hero: How Katniss Everdeen is a New Gender of Heroic Character that Fills the Gap in Young Adult Literary Protagonists"


  • Brittany Barrie , Thesis (M.A.), 2014, "Degradation of Women and Rise of Rauch Culture in Charlaine Harris's Southern Vampire Mystery Series and HBO's Blood"
  • Jeremy Birkey, Thesis (M.A.), 2014, "An Emerging Discourse: Sea Level Rise Affecting Low-Lying Island Nations as Framed Through The Guardian and The New York Times"
  • Kristyne Bradford, Thesis (M.A.), 2014, "The Making of Knowledge in Art: Case Studies of Five Fiber Artists"
  • Nicole Hagstrom-Schmidt, Thesis (M.A.), 2014, "Consumable Science: Potions and Epistemology in Early Modern Drama, 1595-1622"
  • Jill King, Thesis (M.A.), 2014, "Shakespunk: Looking at Shakespeare Through the Eyes of the English Punk Movement"
  • Cassidy Litle, Thesis (M.A.), 2014, "Shakespeare and Absurd Marginality: Overlooked Iterations"
  • Jessica McFadden, Thesis (M.A.), 2014, "Woolf's Alternative Medicine: Narrative Consciousness as Social Treatment"
  • Timothy Nicholas, Thesis (M.A.), 2014, "Teaching Style by Implementing Universal Design to Aid in Rhetorical Growth"
  • Zoey K. Schmalz, Thesis (M.A.), 2014, "Social Status, Secrets, and a Sinking Ship: The Portrayal of Class in Contemporary Titanic Fiction"
  • Christopher Schneider, Thesis (M.A.), 2014, "How the U.S.Lumber Industry Defines Sustainability: A Case Study of Three Company Websites"
  • Emily Schoon, Thesis (M.A.), 2014, "Consumer Capitalism and the (Reality) Star: An American Family and the Invention of Contemporary Television"
  • Regina Wilkerson , Thesis (M.A.), 2014, "Stephen King's Bad Place: Institutions, Spaces, and Gender in The Shining and Rita Hayworth and Shawshank Redemption"