College of Arts and Sciences

The Ron and Leslie Walker Graduate Fellowships

Thanks to the generosity of Ron and Leslie Walker, the Western Illinois University Foundation has established two graduate fellowships. The fellowships will serve to recognize outstanding academic achievement in the field of English studies and the potential for continued professional accomplishment in the future. The gifts will be $1,000, and will be awarded each spring semester.

Criteria for Applicants

Students are eligible for these fellowships if they have completed no fewer than 12 and no more than 18 semester hours in English at the graduate level by the end of the spring term. It is further required that the student who receives a fellowship will continue in the graduate program in the subsequent fall term. One award is intended for a student working in literary studies and one for a student working in the writing or composition studies area of the graduate program.

Information and Instructions for Applicants

Graduate students who meet these criteria may either apply to the Director of Graduate Studies in English or be nominated by a graduate faculty member by the decided deadline (End of March/Early April). The application or nomination must include a brief letter explaining the plan of the student’s academic objectives during the summer months and a substantial written sample of the student’s work on the graduate level.

Awards will be determined by the English Graduate Committee, which will include a recommendation for the fellowship from the Director of Graduate Studies in English.



  • Bonita Akinbo (Literary Studies)
  • Savannah Dupont (Literary Studies)




  • Stephanie Hoover (Literary Studies)
  • Sheldon Gaskell (Writing Studies)


  • Julianna Kaiser (Literary Studies)
  • Lucas Marshall (Writing Studies)


  • Abigail Tichler (Literary Studies)
  • Tanya Juhasz (Writing Studies)


  • Nicole Hagstrom-Schmidt (Literary Studies)
  • Anjali Pattanayak (Writing Studies)


  • Andrew Lister (Literary Studies)
  • Keith Stewart (Writing Studies)


  • Maria DeRose
  • Melissa Wangall


  • Christopher Rose (Literary Studies)
  • Jessica Morton (Writing Studies)


  • Travis Moran (Literary Studies)
  • Michael Baumann (Writing Studies)


  • Annie Schnarr (Literary Studies)
  • Nan Norcross (Writing Studies)