College of Arts and Sciences

Internships through the Department of English

Each semester, English majors and minors undertake a wide variety of internships. These carefully supervised opportunities provide invaluable practical experience in professional settings. Students strengthen their reading, writing, and speaking skills, expand their resumes, and learn more about how their classroom backgrounds can better serve their developing career interests.

There are many worthwhile articles about the value of internships, but here is one from The Chronicle of Higher Education .

For more details about opportunities available in Macomb, the Quad Cities, and beyond, please consult your advisor and the information below.

Internships in the Quad Cities

Please see the WIU-QC CAS Internship page for information about Quad Cities area internships available to all WIU students.

Internships Are Three-Way Partnerships

Internships should be rich partnerships between a student, a host institution, and WIU. Students who have any questions about the fairness or appropriateness of work expectations or conditions in a given internship should initiate a discussion with their faculty mentor as soon as possible. Federal regulations for internships applicable under The Fair Labor Standards Act are available from the U.S. Department of Labor.

Recent Internships Completed by English Students

Spring 2014
  • Black Hawk Community College – Gina Wilkerson (Eng) and Ruby Nancy (Eng)
  • Putnam Museum (Education & Public Outreach) – Kiscena Minteer (Eng)
  • Putnam Museum (Grant-writing) – Kayla Behrens (Eng)
  • WIU Alumni House - Amy Fogarty (Jour)
  • WIU-Quad Cities Writing Center - Leann Weiss (Eng)
  • WQPT PBS Quad Cities - Kasi DeFrieze (Eng)
Fall 2013
  • Putnam Museum (grant-writing) - Leann Weiss (Eng)
  • WIU Alumni House - Ashley Pickett (Jour)
Summer 2013
  • Heimburger House Publishing - Brittany Petrillo (Eng)
  • WLS-TV/ABC 7 - Alexa Zoellner (Jour)
Spring 2013
  • Americorps – Hayleigh Covella (Eng)
  • Illini Hospital (Pittsfield) - Brett Shriver (Jour)
  • Minority Internship Program - Joanay Shepherd (Jour)
  • National Endowment for the Humanities - Leann Weiss (Eng)
  • Solo Noir (Chicago) - Akemei Smith (Jour)
  • Tri States Public Radio - James Needham (Jour)
  • WHOW 1520/WEZC 95.9 (Clinton) - Sarah Tomkinson (Jour)
  • WIU Alumni House - Kolette Herndon (Jour)
  • WIU-Quad Cities - Catherine Bodenbender (Eng)
  • WQPT PBS Quad Cities - Christopher Ebalo (Eng)
Fall 2012
  • Radio Peoria/Cumulus Media - Dana Fulton (Jour)
  • Senate Democrats - Nate Price (Eng)
  • WIU Alumni House - Rachel Mies (Eng)