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The Mirror and The Lamp

The Mirror & The Lamp


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  • The Mirror & The Lamp is a publication of the Phi Delta Chapter of Sigma Tau Delta at Western Illinois University.
  • This magazine edits, creates, prints, and publishes stories about students, faculty, alumni, news, events, and much more throughout the semesters and is printed annually each spring. The goal of The Mirror & the Lamp is to document the lives and experiences of those involved with the English Department here at Western Illinois University.
  • Our creative non-fiction writing style highlights the individuality of our authors, setting The Mirror & the Lamp  apart from the strictly journalistic style of Western’s student run newspaper, the Western Courierand the focus on creative works in Western’s literary magazine,  Elements.


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  • Faculty Advisor: Dr. David Banash
  • Managing Editor: Emily-Bryce Swain
  • Undergraduate Editors: Matt Thrush, Janay Conley, Aubrey Foust, Tess Tyler, Brittney Douglas, Courtney Bender


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