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Interdisciplinary Minor in Film

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The Interdisciplinary Film Minor offers a broad range of courses including film history, international cinemas, film theory and criticism, documentary, women in film and television, and acting techniques. Students will be taught by experienced faculty who are members of the Society for Media and Cinema Studies, have participated in national film festivals and conferences and have widely published in the field of film studies. Check out our film faculty in the English department.

The Interdisciplinary Film Minor makes a valuable complement to a range of undergraduate majors. The Minor provides critical skills in visual literacy, and it prepares students for careers in education, film review, advertising, graphic arts, production, performance, and broadcasting.

In addition to course work, Western Illinois University provides opportunities for students to participate in a number of film-related activities, including an International Film Series, the University Union Board’s Cinema Showcase, and a Summer Film Series, as well as numerous screenings, workshops, and lectures by guest speakers throughout the academic year. The WIU Film Club, a student organization, screens and discusses films on a regular basis. See website for current screenings and events.

Have a question about the film minor? Contact Film Advisor (Department of English): Dr. Roberta Di Carmine today!

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Film Newsletter Fall 2017 - Spring 2018

Requirements for Interdisciplinary Minor in Film (total 18 hours)

Required Core Courses: 9 s.h.
  • BC/ENG 290 – Introduction to Film (3)
  • BC/ENG 390 – Film History (3)
  • BC/ENG 496 – Topics in Film (3)
Electives: 9 s.h.
  • AAS/ENG 354 – African American Film (3)
  • BC 333 – The Hollywood Studio System: Structure and Process (3)
  • BC/ENG 394 – Documentary Film and Video (3)
  • BC/ENG/WS 494 – Women and Film/Television (3)
  • ENG 389 – Film Theory (3)
  • ENG 392 – National Cinemas (3)
  • ENG 393 – American Film Genres (3)
  • ENG 395 – Film and Literature (3)
  • ENG/REL 492 – Religion Literature and Film (3)
  • FL 392 – French Cinema (3)
  • POLS 301 – Politics and Cinema (3)
  • THEA 473 – Acting and the Camera (3)


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