College of Arts and Sciences

WIU's (NCTE) Student Organization Conference 2010

Second Annual NCTE Student Affiliate Undergraduate Student Organization Conference

April 10, 2010 in Simpkins Hall at Western Illinois University, Macomb, IL

*CPDU Credits will be available for teachers both presenting at and attending the conference.

This event is co-sponsored by NCTE Student Affiliate, the Department of English and Journalism, the University Theme Committee, and The Visiting Lecturers Committee.


Conference Schedule:

Breakfast (8:30am-8:50am)

Session One (9:00am-9:50am)

  • Western's Teacher Work Sample: What is it? - Presenter: Dr. Bonnie Sonnek - Coordinator, English Education Program at WIU
    WIU's Teacher Education Program (TEP) recently finalized its Teacher Work Sample, and assessment tool used by student teachers to measure student learning. While the current format is required for student teaching, this presenter will provide tools used, and components needed for teachers in all areas to use this in their classroom.
  • The "Other" Classroom - Presenter: Joann Valentine - Retired Chicago Public School Teacher
    Today's teachers are being asked to correct disruptive behavior, observe for signs of abuse, check for
    weapons, wage war on drugs, while providing an equal education, raising a sense of self-esteem, and
    instilling a love of learning. Come hear how this lady survived ans succeeded for 34 years in a Chicago Public High School.

Session Two (10:10am-11:00am)

  • Q&A with a Macomb High School Teacher - Presenter: Marshal Jordan - Teacher, Macomb High School
    I will be answering questions related to teaching. The topics of this presentation may vary
    depending on audience participation. Areas that may be covered include working with students
    with IEPs, teaching dual credit classes, coaching, and extracurricular activities.
  • Sites and Groups: Google for the Classroom - Presenters: Gianna Valentine and Kristin Dragos - Pre-Service Teachers, WIU
    Technology has become an important and increasingly popular tool for educators. This
    presentation will explain how to set up and the benefits of using Google Groups and Google Sites within the classroom.

Session Three (11:20am-12:10pm)

  • Building your Classroom Library - Presenter: Dr. Peggy Otto - Assistant Professor, WIU
    This presentation will suggest inexpensive ways to build a classroom library of high-interest books
    for young adults. Attendees will also be introduced to print and online resources that include
    reviews of young adult books.
  • A Flair for the Dramatics - Presenters: Lorie Rude and Sara Ryan - Pre-Service Teachers, WIU
    Engaging your students is easy if you add a flair for the dramatics. This workshop is designed to
    instruct the average teacher how to incorporate the use of drama and kinesthetic activities in their
    lesson planning. We will demonstrate ways to use drama to teach literary elements and explore
    text through dramatic inquiry.

Session Four (12:30pm-1:20pm)

  • Teaching Gender in Act I of Shakespeare's Macbeth - Presenter: Dr. Christopher L. Morrow - Assistant Professor, WIU
    This presentation will model an approach to teaching the first act of Shakespeare's Macbeth by
    focusing on the construction of masculinity and femininity. The workshop will utilize close reading
    and discussion to unpack Lady Macbeth's famous soliloquy and dialogue with Macbeth. Prior reading of Act I helpful but not required. A PDF copy is attached below.
  • Internet Safety - Presenter: Representative from the Illinois Attorney General's Office
    A presentation on internet safety specifically focused on educators. Topics may include protecting
    your information and the dangers of posting information online. If time allows, a short Q&A
    session will be available.

Session Five (1:40pm-2:30pm)

  • Teaching Class Difference in Nathaniel Hawthorne's "Tale of Initiation" - Presenter: Dr. Timothy Helwig - Assistant Professor, WIU
    Traditionally, "My Kinsman, Major Molineux" and "Young Goodman Brown" are used to teach
    students about literary symbolism and American Romanticism. However, these two tales of
    initiation featuring young protagonists coming to terms with a social world in flux also provide an
    excellent opportunity for introducing students to issues of class difference and enduring cultural
    mythologies, thereby making Nathaniel Hawthorne's canonical writing both accessible and
    relevant to students of diverse class backgrounds. The PDF texts that will be discussed can be
    found below.
  • Student Teacher Q&A - Presenters: Kristin Dragos and Sarah Zeeck - Pre-Service Teachers, WIU
    We will be discussing our student teaching experiences and we will answer questions about
    student teaching. The topics discussed will vary depending on audience participation.

Lunch and Check-Out (2:40pm-3:30pm)


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