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Fall 2019 - Spring 2020

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Amy Mossman

Amy Mossman, Director University Writing Center

Office: Simpkins 217 & Malpass Writing Center (3rd Floor)
Phone: 309-298-2815
Office Hours: FACULTY PAGE

Consultants (A-I)

AimeeAimee, Graduate in Experimental Psychology


Discipline:  Experimental Psychology

Genre: Research Papers,  Essays, Creative Writing

Documentation Style: APA

I am a second year General Experimental Psychology graduate student. My research interests revolve around Psycholinguistics. I love to read fiction especially crime and spy novels as well as fantasy and occasionally science fiction. I also love to write & I’ve been writing fiction since I was six.  I am also fascinated with magic, photography, dance, filmography & cinematography. I enjoy watching behind the scenes & bloopers when I’m watching Netflix.

Writing is an extremely important skill to have in all professions and learning it is a lifelong endeavor. It helps us communicate clearly and concisely. People are more likely to listen to you if you can write well. So I think it’s important to try and help everyone become better writers.


AlexAlex, Graduate in English


Discipline: English, Political Science

Genre: Literary Analysis; Creative Writing; Academic Essays

Documentation Style: MLA, APA

I earned my Associate’s in Arts from Carl Sandburg College in 2015, and then my Bachelor’s in Arts from Knox College in 2017. I am currently a TA / Graduate Student in the English Department. Having been an Adjunct English Instructor and Tudor at Carl Sandburg College, I have a multi-faceted approach to success in the classroom and look forward to helping students reach their writing goals.

Reading and writing are my favorite past times, and I enjoy helping others develop these skills as well. I hope to not only help students become better writers but to find a new found appreciation for writing.


AllisonAllison, Undergrad in History - Pre-Law


Discipline: History; Pre-Law; Political Science; Philosophy

Genre: Research Papers; Career Writing

Documentation Style: APA, Chicago/Turabian

I am a Senior undergraduate in History-Pre Law. I am originally from Houston, TX, but WIU has been a huge part of my family for generations! I love coffee, reading, and politics, and I spend a lot of my time snuggled up in a soft blanket at home with a good novel. My favorite color is yellow, and I am definitely a "cat person"!

I have always enjoyed tutoring and teaching, so working with my peers in a wonderful environment like the UWC is a dream-come-true and makes consulting fun, scholarly, and productive all at once!


BonitaBonita, Graduate in English, Broadcasting (FALL 2018 ONLY)


Discipline: English and Broadcasting

Genre: Academic Essays; Professional Writing; Creative Writing

Documentation Style:  MLA

I was born and raised in Nigeria where I had had my first degree in Broadcasting. I came to the U.S to get a Master’s degree in English. I’m interested in building a career as a Content Creator and Reality TV producer. In my spare time, I function as an image consultant. In the future I’d love to own my fashion outlet. I enjoy reading, writing and watching TV. I want to be able to use my talent and skills to serve humanity.

I believe I’m a fantastic teacher and helping students with their writing is one way I can impact others. More so, it will help me improve on my writing as well, so it’s a win-win situation.


ChelseaChelsea, Graduate in Experimental Psychology


Discipline: Experimental Psychology

Genre: Research Papers; Lab Reports; Career Writing; Posters/Presentations

Documentation Style: APA

I am a second-year experimental psychology graduate student studying the decision-making process in legal settings. I enjoy the process of conducting my own research. I love to read and am a Harry Potter fanatic. I have three cats and a 7 year old who keeps me busy. I am excited to work with students in the Writing Center this year.

I enjoy working with students and seeing the progression of learning.


DesireeDesiree, Undergrad in English


Discipline: English

Genre: Academic Essays; Literary Analysis; Research Papers

Documentation Style: MLA

Hi! I am a senior working on a degree in English literature. I transferred from Elgin Community College last year with an associate’s degree in Arts, focused on English. I enjoy video games and going to the movies. I have two cats and a dog.

I look forward to having a chance to help writers grow, and through that grow as well.


Francesca HammFrancesca, Graduate in English


Discipline: English, Political Science

Genre: Research Papers, Academic Essays, Literary Analysis

Documentation Style: MLA, APSA

I am from Macomb, IL. I received my bachelor’s degree in Political Science and English from Western IL University. I love traveling and was able to study abroad in Mannheim, Germany for a semester and complete a month’s long internship in Quito, Ecuador. I speak Spanish and German. I have a rabbit named Ralphy. I spend most of my free time reading in coffee shops.

I love helping others meet their educational goals and improve their writing. I also just love working with people in general.


GracenGracen, Graduate in Speech Pathology and Audiology


Discipline: Speech Pathology & Audiology

Genre: Research Papers, Professional Writing; Clinical Documentation

Documentation Style: APA

I am a first-year graduate student studying speech pathology and audiology. I completed my bachelor’s degree here at WIU! I also work at the WIU Speech & Hearing Clinic. In my free time, I enjoy knitting and visiting new coffee shops.     

I enjoy helping others and am looking forward to helping students with their writing journey. I also look forward to learning from all of the different students that come to the writing center.

Consultants (I-Z)

KatieKatie, Undergraduate in English Ed.


Discipline: English Education

Genre:  Creative Writing, Lesson Plans

Documentation Style: MLA

Hi! This is my second year working in the Writing Center.  I’m a junior majoring in English Education and I have a passion for helping others.  I love to read and write as well as create art in my free time.  I also love to go fishing in the summers as well.  Additionally, I love my family and my goldendoodle, Kramer.

I love working in the Writing Center because I get to meet new people every day and I have to opportunity to watch students grow to be exceptional writers.


KayleeKaylee, Undergrad in English


Discipline: English

Genre: Academic Essays; Literary Analysis; Research Papers; Creative Writing

Documentation Style: MLA

Hello!  I’m a third year student studying English.  I love reading and writing, of course. At home, I have a crazy zoo of two cats, a dog, three fish, one snail, and five chickens.  Outside of class and the Writing Center, I am the discussion facilitator for Feminist Action Alliance and I dance with the Banat Belly Dance group.

I’m excited to see what everybody is working on and to see how everyone’s writing improves over the course of this year!


KyleKyle, Graduate in Experimental Psychology


Discipline: Experimental Psychology; Neuroscience

Genre: Reflection Writing; Lab Reports; Career Writing

Documentation Style: APA

I am a first-year graduate student persuing a Master’s in experimental psychology.  I received my B.S. in psychology at York College of Pennsylvania in May of 2018.  Before I began my track in higher education, I spent 4 years in the United States Marine Corps.

I am most interested in working and learning alongside the students who come into the writing center.


LilianLilian, Graduate in Health Sciences


Discipline: Health Sciences

Genre: Research Papers; Career Writing; Drama

Documentation Style: APA

I’m a graduate student from Nigeria.  I had my first degree at the prestigious Nnamdi Azikiwe University Awka, in Microbiology.  I have a passion for writing and I keep a lot of diaries. I have over 5 years of peer tutoring experience.

I enjoy the look on the faces of my students with the sudden realization that they do not actually know what they thought they knew, after the most mind-blowing writing sessions.


Ryan WoodsRyan, Undergraduate in Ag Science


Discipline: Agriculture Science, Pre-Veterinary Medicine

Genre: Creative Writing, Research, Informative Writing, Career Writing

Documentation Style: MLA

I’m studying agriculture science / pre-vet medicine with a minor in Chemistry. I’m the president of the WIU Humane Society Service Association and I’m involved in a couple other campus organizations. I love animals, reading, and watching movies. I enjoy writing creatively as well as conducting research across a wide variety of topics.

I love writing and think the ability to write well is an important skill to have as it allows people to express themselves and learn.


Savannah DupontSavannah, Graduate in English


Discipline: English

Genre: Creative Writing, Essays

Documentation Style: MLA

Hi! I was born in California and grew up in Florida. I was an avid cosplayer in High School and still love the culture, but don’t dress up anymore. I got my bachelors in creative writing at Mississippi University for Women in Columbus, MS. I was in two social clubs which are similar to sororities and was also the president of National Organization for women in my senior year. Some other interests of mine are video games anime, cats, dogs and writing stories.

I love the idea of not only improving the piece the students are currently working on, but their writing in general.


ShaheraShahera, Graduate in Mental Health


Discipline: Psychology; Biology; Chemistry

Genre: Research Papers; Creative Writing; Professional Writing; Lab Reports; Career Writing

Documentation Style: APA

Hi y’all! I am currently a second year in the Clinical Community Mental Health Program. In my free time I like reading. I just began to learn the ukulele so you’ll find me playing some really off key tunes.

I look forward to working with students from different walks of life and from different backgrounds.


Shelby DavinShelby, Undergraduate in English

Specializations :

Discipline: English, Political Science

Genre: Academic Essays, Literary Analysis, Creative Writing

Documentation Style: MLA

I’m a third-year undergrad studying English and Political Science. I spend a lot of my time outside of work and school reading and writing poetry. If I’m not inside writing my days away, I can be found outdoors on nature walks. I look forward to working with everyone!

Working with students and their writing interests me for a variety of reasons. However, above all, I love the lessons they teach me. It’s truly not only a learning experience for the student, but for me as well. I pick up on different topics and viewpoints as well as unique writing processes that have helped better my writing abilities.


VaneiceVaneice, Graduate in English


Discipline: English

Genre: Research Papers; Literary Analysis; Academic Essays

Documentation Style: MLA

I am a 24 year old from Chicago, IL. I received my Bachelor’s degree of Arts from Lane College in Jackson, TN. In undergrad, I participated in NAACP, The Belles (community service org) and HBCU Wellness program. I enjoy spending time with family, animals, and traveling. My favorite book is Their Eyes Were Watching God by Zora Neale Hurston.

I enjoy helping others use their writing to help describe situations in the life. There is a quote by T.S. Eliot that says “The purpose of literature is to turn blood into ink”; I take that quote as saying take your hurt and pain and turn it into a descriptive moment relatable to others.


WhitneyWhitney, Graduate in English


Discipline: English, Creative Writing

Genre: Literary Analysis; Career Writing; Creative Writing

Documentation Style: MLA

Hello!  I am a first year graduate student in English.  I also attended WIU as an undergraduate in English with a minor in creative writing. I enjoy reading and writing poetry in my free time, surrounded by my cats.  I look forward to meeting you.

What I like about working in the Writing Center is being able to guide students to become better writers across any discipline.