English and Journalism

EGO Meeting
Attendees: Jessica Mason McFadden, Danielle Ortiz, John DeGregorio , Beth Clothier, Nicole
Hagstrom Schmidt, Ashley Lovelace, Layton Schroeder, Sharon Thompson, Jessica Scadden,
Dr. Morrow

  • November 9th and 10th conference.

o Theme: War and Peace
o Stacey Peebles from Centre College is keynote. Wrote Welcome to the Suck:
Narrating the American Soldier’s Experience in Iraq.
o Basic discussion of how a conference works

Submitting abstracts
How panels work (common theme within papers and each present
independently followed by Q&A)

  • Need to decide logistics of conference

o Where will we hold the conference
o Reserve rooms
o Decide catering

  • Need to replace treasurer because Patti is no longer in program

o Beth Clothier has volunteered to be new treasurer

  • Logo and poster- student from Mossman’s class developed logo and poster. Layton, John, and Dr. Morrow worked with this student over the summer.
  • Update CFP and uploaded on upenn

o Deadline has been changed to October 5th, 2012
o CFP has been emailed to all graduate students

  • Publishing workshop—put off until after the conference
  • First Fridays—no longer possible because of a conflict with dean’s mixer. Need to find a new date.
  • We need a new writing committee representative.

o Meetings are twice a month at 2 p.m.
o Nicole is showing interest in the position

  • Next meeting Thursday, August 30th
  • Jess McFadden has asked EGO members who presented last year to share their materials from the conference