English and Journalism

EGO Meeting
August 30, 2012

Attendees: Layton Schroeder, John DeGregorio, Nicole Hagstrom Schmidt, Jess Mason
McFadden, Beth Clothier, Jacob Runge, Jessica Scadden, Dr. Morrow


  • Where will the speech take place?
    • Morgan

Someone needs to contact Morgan to discover what sound equipment is
available and the process of reserving the space.

  • How will we publicize the event and with whom?
    • Departments to contact in order to encourage participation:



Political Science

Film Club

  • Who will introduce Dr. Peebles? A Graduate Student? Or perhaps faculty? (Will  tackle this later)
  • September 21, 2012 is the new deadline to submit form to UTC.


  • Will we provide refreshments and/or a lunch?
    • Coffee throughout the day is an absolute must
  • Charge registration…Students: $20 Faculty: $30 (this will allow us to provide lunch)
  • Someone may need to contact Patti in regards to treasury status—John or Layton
  • Hold panels in Simpkins.
    • Rooms 20, 27, and 14 are all electronic classrooms that are handicap accessible.
    • Dr. Morrow will reserve the rooms for November 10th.
  • Who will be in charge of reading abstracts? Forming panels?
    • Volunteers: Jess, Jess, Layton, and Beth.
  • John will repost CFP on upenn.
  • How will we publicize the conference? Should we try to attract other departments? Students need to start talking to faculty about forming panels.
  • LASGO’s participation is still in the air.
  • Paper Goods: Programs, Packets, and Name Tags
    • We have name tags left over from last year.

Social Events

  • First Fridays has become a possibility again
  • Game Night—have to determine where and when this will occur
    • Beth will inquire about the club house located in her subdivision
  • The Hermeneutic Circle
    • Discuss online
    • Faculty guest speakers


  • Publicity
    • Jess Mason McFadden and Beth Clothier
  • Communications Coordinator –Packets, Programs, and Name Tags coordinator
    • Ashley Lovelace
  • Refreshments Coordinator
    • Nicole Hagstrom Schmidt
  • Facilities-Finding and locating facilities and ensuring they have technology
    • Layton will ask Danielle
  • Abstracts/Panel
    • This will be determined as the semester progresses. Those who attend regularly will be asked if they would like to participate.