English and Journalism

EGO Meeting
September 13, 2012
Attendees: Ashley Lovelace, Beth Clothier, Nicole Hagstrom Schmidt, Jessica Mason
McFadden, John DeGregorio, Layton Schroeder, Dr. Morrow, Jess Scadden

  • Need student representative to attend graduate committee meetings on Wednesday at 10 A.M.

o Jess Mason McFadden has taken the position

  • Dr. Peebles said she will be using PowerPoint

o We need to figure out if the room has speakers to decide if we need to get extra

o Ashley Jones will inquire about Morgan Hall and get back to EGO as soon as she
knows information

  • We now have the EGO email address

o Got an email about publishing the proceedings of the conference.

o Extremely long process

  • Dr. Thompson suggests that we preserve the papers from the conference

o Presenters could send a pdf of their paper and the library can search and catalog
the essays

  • Jess inquiring about why we do not include creative pieces

o One reason is that we do not offer an MFA

o It could be done but we need to consider space and other issues

  • John has given the poster designs to Beth and Jess

o Beth will email Katie now about fliers

  • The CFP has been edited for word length
  • We need to be in discussion with faculty about forming panels, both encouraging them and working with them
  • Beth and Jess have created a schedule.

o Should we print a CFP to pass out?

  • Dr. Morrow will create a shared dropbox folder
  • Look for local graduate programs to contact and encourage to attend conference
  • Refreshments

o Nicole needs headcount and budget

Count on about 50

o Buffet is minimum $10 per person

o With coffee it could be up to $15

o $10.80 a gallon coffee

  • We should contact IDEAS
  • John will talk to Cass to get forms or information about ordering food
  • Meetings will be changed to 3:30 in the hopes of getting people from ENG 580 to come
  • the meeting
  • Dr. DiCarmine will speak to her film club
  • Game Night

o Taylor Hall? Simpkins Hall?

John will contact Taylor Hall and see how much it costs.