English and Journalism


Primary Duties of Refreshments Coordinator

  • Reserve an appropriately-sized space for conference lunch.
  • Obtain quotes for breakfast, lunch, and daily coffee from Sodexho.
  • Confirm order information with Sodexho.
  • Pay Sodexho their blood money within a reasonable amount of time.
  • Compose a report detailing all pertinent information for next year's conference.

Reserving a Room in the Union

  • Go to the Office of Conference and Event Services/Sodexho Campus Services suite on the second floor. This is in the left corner of the building.
  • Talk to the main receptionist, usually a student worker.
  • Reserve a room in the Union as soon as possible as they fill up quickly. You should complete this task within a week of being assigned the responsibility. Give an approximate head count, the times the room is to be reserved, and how you would like the room arranged.
  • You may have to confirm your reservation via email.

Obtaining Quotes

  • In the same Reservation Services suite, there is a Sodexho services side room. Go there.
  • Terry Thorman will give you all the information you need and generate a quote for you based on whatever ideas you might have.
  • The past two years have had a lunch head count of around 35-40 people. For breakfast, we estimated 60.
  • You may confirm your choices via email. Quotes arrive within a week or so of being placed.

Confirming the Order

  • Return to Reservation Services with signed copies of reports to Lynn Bryant. Make sure you go over all the details and ensure you have given them the proper dates and times.
  • You may pay at this point, or before the semester ends.

Paying Sodexho

  • Sodexho will ask for an account number. As we are not an "accredited organization," we do not have an account number. In 2011, Dr. Banash used the English and Journalism account. In 2012, we used an EGO member's student account number and paid with check funds from the EGO account.
  • You can pay in person at Office of Conference and Event Services in the Student Union Building.

Breakfast Details

In 2012, EGO ordered the following for a breakfast spread:

  • 6 Gallons Coffee ($10.80 per gallon, total: $64.80)
  • Water Service ($5 per gallon, total: $15.00)
  • 3 Assorted Breakfast Breads ($7.80 each, total $23.40)
  • 3 Dozen Assorted Donuts ($10.40 a dozen, total $31.20)
  • 2 Dozen Bagels and Cream Cheese ($11.35 a dozen, total $22.70)

There was also a delivery fee for $8.75.

Breakfast was delivered at 7:00 a.m. by Sodexho employees to Simpkins 25 (the Writing Center). EGO needed to provide a table, which we took from a nearby classroom. Sodexho set up the entire spread and left a cart for us to return items at the end of the day.

Coffee was refilled once during lunch break.

The breakfast and coffee was a large success, but three gallons of water was not sufficient for the event.

Lunch Details

We hosted lunch in the Cardinal Oak Room in the Student Union. Lunch was slated to start at 12:30 p.m. The buffet line was set in the hallway outside the room.

The menu was the Lunch Pasta Buffet, which included bread sticks, Caesar salad, fettuccini noodles, cheese-baked ziti, and red sauce. We also included a Domestic Cheese/Cracker tray, Seasonal Fresh Fruit tray, water, and iced tea.

The final cost for lunch, including room fees: $614.46.


  • Reserve the room as soon as possible.
  • Estimate around 70% of participants coming for lunch.
  • Order more gallons of water for the conference.
  • Total costs (breakfast, coffee, lunch): $801.23.