English and Journalism


Speaker Introduction: EGO Conference 2012

  • Located speaker's--Dr. Stacey Peebles'--book, Welcome to the Suck, well in advance (required an interlibrary loan to secure).
  • Read and took notes on the book.
  • Prepared a ~2.5 double-spaced page (~5 minute) introduction, mainly noting Dr. Peebles' credentials and summarizing key parts of her book.
  • Submitted introduction to various EGO members and faculty advisor, Dr. Morrow, for review and revision suggestions.
  • Met with Dr. Peebles for dinner before the conference (after a failed attempt to meet for lunch).


Recommendations for Next Time

  • It is incredibly important to have met the speaker before introducing him/her: be sure to discuss the introduction to some extent with the speaker with enough time to revise based on his/her preferences if possible.
  • Better yet, it would have been much more beneficial to have contacted the speaker by email to introduce myself and ask questions about what to include in the introduction a few weeks before the conference.