English and Journalism

Public relations

PR Responsibility List

  • If necessary, design poster 11 x 17 format! Get all dates/info from Dr. Morrow or whoever is in charge. Try to do this as early as possible.
  • Run poster by everyone for proofs.
  • Take poster to DPS (down past Thompson Hall). Turnaround is really quick--ten to fifteen minutes this year--so have the cash on hand. It was $25 in 2012, but that was for 8.5 x 11 copies--check prices on the website.
  • Hand out posters to other EGO members to post around campus: Simpkins, Union, Morgan, Currens, Library, Horrabin.
  • Remember to write the Telestars email or contact them more than ten days in advance of when you want the email sent across campus.
  • When making programs, remember that the University doesn't have a long-reach stapler. Nicole knows how to do double-sided copying.
  • Try to decorate the shadow box more than two weeks in advance.