English and Journalism

Full Graduate Faculty

Over twenty members of the Department of English & Journalism teach at the graduate level. Our faculty have strong backgrounds in literary and cultural studies, writing studies, and other areas of English.

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name position office phone
Allison, Marjorie Professor 326 Simpkins Hall
Baird, Neil P. Associate Professor 025A Simpkins Hall
Banash, David Professor 217 Simpkins Hall
Buchanan, Rebekah Assistant Professor 226B Simpkins Hall 309-298-1216
Cole, Merrill Associate Professor 109 Simpkins Hall 309-298-1410
Di Carmine, Roberta Associate Professor 219 Simpkins Hall 309-298-2192
Hamner, Everett Associate Professor QC Complex 2209 309-762-9481 x62247
Helwig, Magdelyn Assistant Professor 127 Simpkins Hall 309-298-2136
Helwig, Timothy Associate Professor 010 Simpkins Hall 309-298-1213
Iwanicki, Chris Associate Professor 219 Simpkins Hall 309-298-3169
Knox, Bill Professor 013 Simpkins Hall 309-298-2505
Malachuk, Daniel S. Associate Professor QC Complex 2211 309-862-9481 x 62232
Morrow, Christopher Associate Professor 129 Simpkins Hall 309-298-1322
Mossman, Amy Patrick Associate Professor 301 Tilman Hall 309-298-3025
Mossman, Mark Professor 124 Simpkins Hall 309-298-2812
Rahman, Shazia Professor 224 Simpkins Hall
Robertson, Alice Professor 116 Simpkins Hall 309-298-1111
Siddiqi, Mohammad Professor 226E Simpkins Hall 309-298-1324
Sinex, Margaret Professor 226A Simpkins Hall 309-298-1424
Sonnek, Bonnie Associate Professor 226 Simpkins Hall 309-298-1511
Wurth, Erika Associate Professor 109 Simpkins Hall
Young, Patricia Professor 016 Simpkins Hall 309-298-1482