English and Journalism

Full Graduate Faculty

Over twenty members of the Department of English & Journalism teach at the graduate level. Our faculty have strong backgrounds in literary and cultural studies, writing studies, and other areas of English.

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name position office phone
Buchanan, Rebekah Assistant Professor 226B Simpkins Hall 309-298-1216
Helwig, Magdelyn Assistant Professor 127 Simpkins Hall 309-298-2136
Baird, Neil P. Associate Professor 025A Simpkins Hall 309-255-7103
Cole, Merrill Associate Professor 109 Simpkins Hall 309-298-1410
Di Carmine, Roberta Associate Professor 219 Simpkins Hall 309-298-2192
Hamner, Everett Associate Professor QC Complex 2209 309-762-9481 x62247
Helwig, Timothy Associate Professor 010 Simpkins Hall 309-298-1213
Iwanicki, Chris Associate Professor 219 Simpkins Hall 309-298-3169
Malachuk, Daniel S. Associate Professor QC Complex 2211 309-862-9481 x 62232
Morrow, Christopher Associate Professor 129 Simpkins Hall 309-298-1322
Mossman, Amy Patrick Associate Professor 301B Tilman Hall 309-298-3025
Sonnek, Bonnie Associate Professor 226 Simpkins Hall 309-298-1511
Wurth, Erika Associate Professor 109 Simpkins Hall
Allison, Marjorie Professor 326 Simpkins Hall
Banash, David Professor 217 Simpkins Hall
Knox, Bill Professor 013 Simpkins Hall 309-298-2505
Mossman, Mark Professor 124 Simpkins Hall 309-298-2812
Rahman, Shazia Professor 224 Simpkins Hall
Siddiqi, Mohammad Professor 226E Simpkins Hall 309-298-1324
Sinex, Margaret Professor 226A Simpkins Hall 309-298-1424
Young, Patricia Professor 016 Simpkins Hall 309-298-1482