English and Journalism

Recent Theses

The program has awarded the MA in English for the following theses:

May 2010 (tentative)

  • Michael Baumann, "Consuming the Composition Classroom:A Consumer Imageword Praxis—From Is to As If Logics." Neil Baird, director.
  • Dan Harris, "The Morality of Violence and Philosophy of Living in the Literature of Cormac McCarthy." Charles McLeod, director.
  • Andrew Hoogheem, "Mapping the Beyond: A Postsecular Reading of Walker Percy's The Second Coming and Lost in the Cosmos." Everett Hammner, director.
  • Katherine Kelly, "A Critical Examination of Rubrics as an Assessment Tool for Writing Assignments." Peggy Otto, director.
  • Travis Moran, "Secret, Sacrifice, and Secularism: A Derridean Look at Flannery O’Connor's The Violent Bear It Away." Everett Hammner, director.
  • Sara Naslund, "Chivalry Undead? Feminism and Contemporary Vampire Fiction." Christopher Morrow, director.
  • Katherine Schutte, "Blogging as a Method for Situating Students within Academic Communities." Bradley Dilger, director.
  • Luke Thompson, "Extraordinary Heroes, Ordinary Whiteness: Re-Centered Normative Whiteness Among Marvel and DC Comics Superheroes." Christopher Morrow, director.
  • Charity Weiss, "Team Edward, Team Jacob, and Team Elbow: Young Adult Literature in a Process-Expressivist Course." Neil Baird, director.
  • Tracey Winbigler: "Skyscapes in Cather and Pioneer Journals: Faith on a Modernist Frontier." Tim Helwig, director.

May 2009

  • Emily Brackman. "Food in the American Experience." Amy Patrick, director; Bradley Dilger and Chris Morrow, readers.
  • Anne L. Schnarr. "Forms of Terror: Words, Images, and Terrorism in the Novels of Kathy Acker and Don Delillo." David Banash, director; Shazia Rahman and Merrill Cole, readers.