English and Journalism

Journalism Hall of Fame

The Western Illinois Journalism Hall of Fame is more than a series of modest plaques in the hallway of the northwest corner of Simpkins Hall. Those noted there are part of the region’s heritage — and the heritage of once-and-future journalists who share the calling. Follow the links below to learn more about who these people were, and the legacy they and their work left for us all.

Earnest Elmo Calkins (1868-1964) | Mary Allensworth Creighton (1895-1995) | Floyd Dell (1887-1969)

Jane Eads (1901-1991) | Edward Robb Ellis (1911-1998) | George Fitch (1877-1915)

Benjamin Bowles Hampton (1875-1932) | Jai Lee (1929-2005) | Edgar Lee Masters (1869-1950)

John McConnel (1826-1862) | John Regan (1818-1893) | Ruth Robertson (1905-1998)

Charles Edward Russell (1860-1941) | Carl Sandburg (1878-1967) | E.W. Scripps (1854-1926)