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Journalism Program

People are storytellers; narratives are the main ways we explore, understand, and explain our time and world to each other. Journalism helps students learn to gather information and relate material with clarity and brevity across multiple platforms. Content is key.

In the classroom, Journalism has a student-faculty ratio that encourages close working relationships between teachers and students, a computer lab dedicated to Journalism, a digital photo lab, and electronic classrooms.

A MAJOR minor—Coupled with many other fields – political science, business, graphic arts, or health, to name a few – Journalism adds value to student's talents by strengthening communication skills.

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Journalism Day is April 1

We are pleased to announce that Journalism Day will be held on Tuesday, April 1, 2014. This upcoming Journalism Day will focus on how the media professionals of tomorrow can prepare to compete in a global media marketplace. Our keynote speaker will be Joe Poulos, senior Vice President for Financial Relations at Edelman, the largest public relations firm in the world.

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