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Dr. Munia Cabal-Jiménez recently published an article on 18th and 19th centuries´ pronominal variation in Costa Rican Spanish: “Ya puede echar de ver quan complacido quedo, así porque gosas de salud como porque pones en práctica mis consejos”: variación pronominal en el español colonial de Costa Rica", published in the peer-reviewed journal Káñina. University of Costa Rica. Volume 40. Issue 1. 2016. (Spring 2016)

Dr. Munia Cabal-Jiménez presented together with Dr. Claudia Holguín, Director of the Spanish as a Heritage Language Program , University of Oregon. The title of the presentation was : “¿Por qué nos llaman pochos?: Conciencia Crítica Metalingüística sobre las Actitudes hacia el Español de los Estados Unidos en las Clases de Lengua”. (Why they call us pochos? Metalinguistic critical awareness about attitudes towards Spanish in the United States in language classrooms”. Primer Simposio Internacional sobre actitudes ante Español, Portugués y Lenguas Relacionadas. April 8th-9th. Indiana University-Purdue University. Fort Wayne, IN.

Congratulations to our current Vivian D. Kline and Lenore Huston Kline Professor, Dr. Guada Cabedo-Timmons, who will present the 3rd annual Kline Lecture at 5:00 p.m. on April 21, 2016. Her lecture will discuss her research on contemporary women writers in Spain.

Dr. Edmund Asare's book chapter, "Ethnography of Communication" was published in Researching Translation and Interpreting. Ed. C. Angelelli & B. Baer, London: Routledge, Taylor and Francis, 2015.

Dr. Munia Cabal-Jiménez presented her research in February, 2016 at the Third Symposium on Spanish as a Heritage Language in Eugene, Oregon. Her presentation was entitled "Attitudes and Perceptions of Heritage Speakers in the Study Abroad Context."

In December 2015 a special issue on masculinity of the journal Colloquia Germanica was released, co-edited by Dr. Gary Schmidt, whose article "Queer Masculinity in Stephan Lacant's Freier Fall" also appeared in the volume. In addition, Dr. Schmidt was elected in December 2015 to serve on the national Executive Board of the Association of Departments of Foreign Languages.

Congratulations to Dr. Daniel Brown, whose article "Commonsensical Determinism: A Reconsideration of Pereda's De tal palo, tal astilla" was published in the peer-reviewed journal Confluencia 30.1: 113-125.