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Dr. Guada Cabedo-Timmons and the Foreign Languages and Literature's students are studying abroad in Spain this semester.

Wise-Spain Student #4 Wise-Spain Student #1 

Wise-Spain Student #2

Wise-Spain Student #3

Pictures above:

Tour around Salamanca city:

(1) in front of the old University of Salamanca

(2)Plaza de la Universidad

Segovia Tour:

(3) In front of the aqueduct "Acueducto de Segovia"

(4) Inside the Alcazar-Castle: "Alcazar de Segovia"

 The picture below is standing in front of The Colegio de España in Salmanca.

WISE-Spain Students Salamanca

The picture below is from the group's day trip to Segovia in front of the "Alcazar de Segovia."

 WISE-Spain Students Segovia Day Trip

The four pictures below are from the ¨Excursión a la Alberca¨ of last Saturday.

Trip to the town of La Alberca, typical mountain town next to the border of Spain and Portugal. Students are having a good time!

Excursion a la Alberca 1 Excursion a la Alberca 2

Excursion a la Alberca 3 Excursion a la Alberca 4

The next four pictures are from the extra-curriculum activities the students do while in Salamanca, Spain: Indoor soccer games and cultural traditions like the ones pictured was a taste of a typical food from Spain, "Chocolate con Churros."

Soccer in Salamanca, Spain 1 Soccer in Salamanca, Spain 2

Food in Salamanca, Spain 1 Food in Salamanca, Spain 2

Pictures below shows WISE-Spain students and some other international students, who were invited to a "Welcoming Event" at the Salamanca City Hall. Western Illinois University was recognized as one of the first International University study abroad programs in Salamanca. This study abroad program started in 1985.

Visita Estud Espanol De Illinois Colegio Espana 1 Visita Estud Espanol De Illinois Colegio Espana 2

The first picture below is during the Castellón city tour, March 31. The second picture below is at Universitat Jaume I.

WISE-Students 4-2-17 WISE-Students at UJI

The two pictures below are at the Universitat Jaume I during the "Welcoming Ceremony."

UJI Welcoming Ceremone WISE-Spain Students UPI Welcoming Ceremony

Ten Wise-Spain students visited two bilingual schools in Villarreal-Castellon, Spain on Friday, April 7 and Monday, April 10; one elementary school and one high school. Students participated answering student questions. The school principals and teachers also responded to our student questions, explaining the bilingual school system in Spain. Children in these schools speak a minimum of three languages, Spanish, Catalan, and English. Students in both schools were very excited to meet the "American students." The WIU students were very happy to be able to have this experience. The pictures below are from the school visits.

School Visit 1 School Visit 2

School Visit 3 School Visit 4

School Visit 5

Pictures below are from Sevilla, March 26, 2017

Sevilla 3-26-17 Sevilla 3-26-17 2

The pictures below are from Mezquita de Cordoba, March 27, 2017.

Mezquita de Cordoba 1 Mezquita de Cordoba 2

Below is the students in the city of Cordoba.

Cordoba 1

 February 2 - May 1, 2019

Program Overview:

The Western Illinois Spanish Experience-Spain (WISE-Spain) program provides a semester-long immersion in Spanish language and culture along with on-site guidance and mentoring by a Department of Foreign Language faculty member. In addition, you will take part in several excursions and tours of outstanding historical and cultural treasures of Spain led by Spanish-speaking professional guides. Home stay lodging gives you a greater understanding of Spanish culture and improves your Spanish proficiency.

The program is conducted in cooperation with the Colegio de España in Salamanca and Universitat Jaume I in Castellón. February and March are spent in Salamanca, site of the first university founded in Spain and a city that is traditionally college student-oriented. In April, the group moves to Castellón on the Mediterranean coast of Spain to experience a modern campus, on of the most technologically and academically advanced in Spain. Both locations and universities give you a wide perspective of the cultural variety of Spain and university life there.

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