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Why should you study Spanish?

It is the most commonly spoken language in the United States after English, and is spoken in 20 other countries as well. Knowledge of this language and the cultures where it is spoken opens up vast parts of world to you that would not otherwise be accessible. It will improve your chances of getting a job in fields as varied as teaching and the travel industry, criminology and hospitality, sales and social work.

Why should you study Spanish at WIU? Our classes are small; the upper division ones are often smaller than 20 students. You will not be a nameless face in the crowd; you and your professors will get to know each other. You can also get acquainted with other students who share similar interests in our language clubs. They present opportunities for informal activities such as movies, cooking, and participation in the university’s International Bazaar. We offer a generous credit for advanced placement, a flexible range of classes to take, and ample opportunity for immersion study experiences abroad.


A Major in Spanish requires 34 hours of courses, 24 in upper division classes. A Minor is 16 hours of courses, with six hours in upper division classes. One can also prepare for a degree in Spanish Teacher Education.

The classes are a mixture of language acquisition, literature, and civilization courses, taught by professors who are active researchers and publishers in these fields. The curriculum ranges from beginning and intermediate studies of the language to advanced levels of literary surveys and courses focused on specific genres or authors. You can practice in our up-to-date computer lab with a variety of software, as well as Internet resources.

We have recently been developing an exciting group of practical language skills courses. These include SPAN449 Spanish for Content-Based Instruction, SPAN340 Spanish for Law Enforcement, SPAN342 Spanish for Health Care, and SPAN320 Spanish for Heritage Speakers. The latter two courses will be offered for the first time during the 2009-2010 academic year. These classes offer the opportunity to develop communicative skills within a specific discipline or field of study.

Come meet our faculty, explore our facilities, see what we have to offer, and discover the world at Western Illinois University.

Bridal Veils - Mexico

Spanish Faculty:

  • Dr. Daniel H. Brown
  • Dr. Munia Cabal-Jiménez
  • Dr. Guada Cabedo-Timmons
  • Ms. Margarita Obregón
  • Ms. Kelley K. Quinn

Language Advisor:

  • Ms Sharon Hunter

Recent Graduates:

Fall 2013:   Erik Binder, Susana Campos

Spring 2014: Luis Aguayo, Deborah Brasel, Lindsey Campbell, Jerson Carrasco, Katherine Coppejans, Jennifer Fermin, Leo Guzman, Graciela Horta, Joshua Keck, Ashtyn St. Clair

Spring 2015: Abigail Ball, Juanita Cañas, Vidal Garcia, Josephlyn Mendoza, Kathryne Valentin

Spring 2017: Eileen Barry, Enrique Boche, Clara Carillo, Vincent Fritsch, Tyler Kendall, Olivia Kennedy, Crystal Quint, Nicole Spencer, Shyann M. Thomas, Jared Tiller, Angela Vera