Department of Geology

Geology Major Program

Your geology training will begin with an introduction to the earth’s physical processes and materials and a survey of the earth’s geologic history. As a Geology major, you will also take courses such as introductory calculus, chemistry, and physics or biology.

Subsequent Geology courses emphasize the various fields of study within the discipline. Field geology teaches you techniques used in field mapping, and you will also learn to use a pocket transit and other specialized equipment. Upper-level courses include the study of geologic maps, earth structures, and the rock and fossil record.

You may also select classes from a broad range of electives. Some emphasize environmental concerns, water resources, and mineral and energy deposits, while other courses involve the earth’s history and the engineering applications of geology. You may wish to study the geology of landforms through elective courses such as Glacial Geology and Geomorphology. A minor in Geology may be earned by completing 18 semester hours (sh): 8 sh in specified Geology courses and 10 sh in upper-level Geology electives.

Geology Major

Paleontology Option

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Semester-by-semester Geology Major Curriculum Guide (pdf)
Semester-by-semester Geology Major - Paleontology Option Curriculum Guide (pdf)