Department of Geology

A survey of our alumni showed that nearly all of our graduates have gone on to a gainful career. Approximately half of our graduates continued their studies in graduate school. Some have become employed through departmental contacts; others through a departmental internship; some through our job listings, and still others have found employment on their own. Most of our recent graduates are employed as geology professionals in the related areas of environmental geology, hydrogeology, and petroleum geology.


Environmental Geology and Hydrogeology

Several of our most recent graduates are involved in projects such as water well design, chemical analysis of lakes and groundwater, dewatering projects for tunnels and other subsurface excavations, designing wells to monitor pollution at Federal Superfund hazardous waste sites, and many other pollution monitoring projects.


Petroleum Geology

Employment by the petroleum industry has increased over the past few years. Our graduates who went on to pursue their Master's level training in oil-related fields such as geophysics and seismic stratigraphy have found employment with major oil companies.