Military History Minor

In conjunction with WIU's status as a Military-friendly School, the History Department offers a Minor in Military History to enhance the educational experience of veterans and non-veterans alike. The minor reflects the growing academic and scholarly interest in the field of military history. The department possesses a strong set of courses in this area of study, and the Minor in Military History is a complement to this area of departmental strength and to the WIU Military Science program.

Military History Minor requirements (18 hours):

Military History Minors take 6 History courses, including the following three General Education courses:

History 106: American History since 1877 [Gen Ed/Humanities]

History 115: World History to 1500 [Gen Ed/Humanities; Global Issues credit]

History 116: World History since 1500[Gen Ed/Humanities or Multicultural; Global Issues credit]

Any three of the following courses:

History 304: United States Military History [Global Issues credit]

History 306:Vietnam War

History 322: Pre-Modern Military History

History 323: The Crusades

History 352: Civil War Era and Reconstruction

History 380: The Great War, 1914-1918 [Global Issues credit]

History 381: World War II

History 431: Alexander the Great

How do I minor in Military History?

Our Department's Undergraduate Advisor , Allison Ramsey will answer any questions you may have about our History minors. She can help you work out a History Minor that perfectly complements your major, whatever it may be. In addition to the Military History Minor, the History Department also offers a Minor in History, a Minor in Contemporary United States Studies, a Minor in Modern Global Historyand a Minor in Middle Level Social Studies Teaching.

For more detailed information on these and other History courses, see the History Department's Undergraduate Courses web page.