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College Faculty Mentoring Award Winner -- WIU "HOPE Certificate of Excellence" in Teaching

 Dr Filipink

Professor Richard Filipink (Ph.D., SUNY Buffalo 2004) specializes in post-1945 United States History, with particular interest in the Cold War. Prof. Filipink's his experience and passion for teaching history have added to Western's commitment to academic achievement. His course offerings include U.S. History since 1945 [History 419(G)], America's Vietnam War [History 306], and graduate seminars [History 510, 511, 512, and 513] on Cold War foreign policy, the 1960s, and the presidency, as well as one of the undergraduate U.S. survey courses [History 106]. He joined the History Department in 2006.

Dr. Filipink's research focuses on American diplomatic and political history during the Cold War. He is currently completing a book manuscript on the impact of Dwight Eisenhower on 1960s foreign policy and an article on the evolution of the history of the Kennedy presidency. His most recent publication, on the Eisenhower administration and the Suez Crisis can be found in the August 2007 issue of the journal Critique.

Dr. Filipink has won numerous grants, awards, and fellowships, including several Abilene Travel Grants from the Dwight D. Eisenhower Foundation, several Lyndon B. Johnson Foundation Moody Grants, a Kennedy Library Research Grant, and the JFK Foundation's Marjorie Kovler Fellowship. He has also been awarded a WIU Honoring Our Professors of Excellence (HOPE) Certificate of Excellence in Teaching, WIU University Research Council Grants, a WIU College of Arts and Sciences Faculty Mentoring Award, and a WIU Faculty Summer Research Stipend.

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