Dr. Virginia Jelatis

Associate Professor

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College Faculty Mentoring Award Winner


Dr Jelatis

Dr. Ginny Jelatis is the Department's specialist on Colonial and Revolutionary America, as well as Native American History. Her course offerings include the first half of the American survey [History 105], as well as upper-division courses on colonial America [Hist 412(G)], the American Revolution [Hist 413(G)], and Native American History [Hist 302]. She offers graduate seminars [History 510 and 511] on American Indian and colonial American history.

Prof. Jelatis's research focuses on Mississippi Valley Indians in the Early Republic. In particular, she examines trade relations between the Sac and Fox Indians and the U.S. government within the American Indian Factory System.

Dr. Jelatis's awards include both the WIU College of Arts and Sciences Faculty Mentoring Award and a WIU University Research Council Grant.

Students research their family history in Prof. Jelatis' Genealogy Course

Students research their family history in Prof. Jelatis's Genealogy course

Prof. Jelatis joined the Department in 1999 and served as its Graduate Director from 2006 through 2009 and in Spring 2012.