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SOAS Director's Teaching Prize, 2008 (University of London, UK)

Research Associate SOAS - University of London


Dr. Roberto Mazza

Dr. Roberto Mazza   (Ph.D., School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London, 2007; MSc in International Relations from Italy's Bologna University and an MA in Government and Politics of the Middle East from SOAS - University of London,) joined the Department in the Fall of 2009 as its specialist in   Middle Eastern History.

  Prof. Mazza teaches upper-division courses on the history of the modern Middle East, the Ottoman world, and the Mediterranean region including a course on the Arab-Israeli conflict [H344], a survey of Middle East history from the pre-Islamic era to the present [H144], and graduate seminars on various aspects of Middle Eastern History [History 530 and 531]. Dr. Mazza previously taught Middle East history at the School of Oriental and African Studies - University of London, in England.

Dr. Mazza's research interests include the Late Ottoman history of Palestine and Jerusalem, Christian institutions and communities in Palestine, and the impact of the First World War in the emergence of the modern Middle East. His most recent book,  Jerusalem in World War One: the Palestine Diary of a European Diplomat   , has been published in the Summer of 2011 by I.B. Tauris. Previously Dr. Mazza published  Jerusalem: From the Ottomans to the British   , in Fall 2009 by I.B. Tauris. His latest article "Missing Voices in Late Ottoman and Early British Jerusalem" has been published in the Jerusalem Quarterly He recently published an article in the Journal of First World War Studies  "For God and La Patrie: Antonin Jaussen, Dominican Priest and French Intelligence agent in the Middle East." Other recent articlesinclude,  “Dining Out in Times of War: Jerusalem 1914-1918,”  and  “Antonio de la Cierva y Lewita: the Spanish Consul in Jerusalem 1914-1919”  have been published in two separate issues of  The Jerusalem Quarterly  (40 and 41 )in 2010.

He also published an article on  "Churches at War: The Impact of the First World War on the Christian Institutions of Jerusalem, 1914–20"  in the journal  Middle Eastern Studies . Dr. Mazza has recently started his new long term project to look at aspects of late Ottoman Palestinian history through specific places in Palestine, like hospitals, schools, churches and so forth. Dr. Mazza, in fact, is also interested in Urban History and he has recently submitted for publication a chapter on the Nebi Musa riots that occurred in Jerusalem in 1920. Dr. Mazza is also writing a chapter for an edited book discussing Cemal Pasha and Zionism.

Dr. Mazza is available to discuss Middle Eastern topics with local and national media and to work with local communities and student organizations.

When not occupied with his professional responsibilities, Dr. Mazza, enjoys refereeing basketball games, running long distances and occasionally competing at triathlon races.



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