Dr. Jennifer McNabb

Interim Department Chair and Professor

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WIU's 2012 Hallwas Lecturer in the Liberal Arts -- WIU's 2012 Provost's Award for Excellence in University & Community Service

WIU Provost's Award for Excellence in Teaching -- Outstanding Faculty Award for Teaching -- Outstanding Faculty Award for Service

RMMRA Senior Scholar Conference Paper Award -- WIU "HOPE Certificate of Excellence" in Teaching


Dr McNabb

Dr. Jennifer McNabb joined the Department of History in 2005 as Western's historian of England and Early Modern Europe. She completed her Ph.D. at the University of Colorado at Boulder in 2003 and spent the next two years teaching at Colorado State University, after which she joined Western's History faculty. She teaches upper-division courses on Early Modern (Renaissance/Reformation) Europe [History 325], the history of England [History 333, 334], Tudor/Stuart history {History 433(G)], Topics in British History {History 434(G)], and Medieval Europe [History 324], as well as sections of the Western Civ I survey [History 125]. Her graduate seminars [History 540 and 541] deal with early modern Europe and England.

Prof. McNabb's research focuses on the social impact of the Reformation in Tudor and Early Stuart England. She studies the consequences of religious and political change on such institutions as marriage, family, and the community. Her research has been published in the Sixteenth Century Journal and Quidditas, the journal of the Rocky Mountain Medieval and Renaissance Association, and she also now serves as the latter journal's Associate Editor. She is developing her research into a book manuscript on the English family in the century prior to the Civil War.

Dr. McNabb has won a number of awards, grants, and fellowships, including the 2009 Provost's Award for Excellence in Teaching, the 2009 Outstanding Faculty Award for Teaching from the WIU College of Arts and Sciences, a WIU University Research Council (URC) Grant, and from the Rocky Mountain Medieval and Renaissance Association (RMMRA), both the Delno C. West Award for the Best Conference Paper by a Senior Scholar and the Allen Breck Award for the Best Conference Paper by a Junior Scholar. She is the recipient of a WIU Honoring Our Professors of Excellence (HOPE) Certificate of Excellence in Teaching, and while at the University of Colorado, she won a Teaching Excellence Award and numerous graduate and travel fellowships.

Prof. McNabb served as Faculty Advisor for the Associated Students of History (ASH) for five years and has worked with a number of students on Undergraduate Research projects. She represents the College of Arts and Sciences on the University Research Council, and serves as Vice President of the University's Faculty Senate. She was Chair of the University's Graduate Council in 2010-2011 and served on the University Honors Council for three years.


Dr. McNabb with Sarah Farha at Undergraduate Research Day

Dr. McNabb & Her Students in the News


Dr. McNabb at ASH gathering