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Dr. Richard Filipink


Dr. Richard Filipink Awarded URC Grant by WIU

May 7, 2010

Dr. Richard Filipink, Assistant Professor of History, has been awarded a University Research Council (URC) Grant in Western Illinois University's Spring 2010 grant competition, which will partially fund his research in historical sources available only in presidential libraries and archival collections located in the Washington, D.C. area, California, and Michigan. URC Grants are awarded by WIU's University Research Council to provide support for new faculty research projects.

Dr. Filipink's research focuses on the ways in which Pres. Richard Nixon actively sought to shape the ways in which his legacy would be perceived and interpreted by historians, by manipulating the historical record. In this new research project, Prof. Filipink will develop a comparative analysis of Pres. Nixon's attempts to influence the public's understanding of the Vietnam War and the Watergate scandal, thereby providing insight into the ways in which presidential administrations try to shape our understanding of their actions.

This is Dr. Filipink's second URC grant since joining Western's faculty four years ago. He is also a past recipient of a Summer Research Stipend, awarded by the WIU Foundation.

Other History Department faculty receiving URC Grants from the university in recent years include Professor of History Dr. Scott Palmer, Associate Professors Dr. Virginia Jelatis, Dr. Lee Brice, Dr. Greg Hall, Dr. Walter Kretchik, Dr. Ed Woell, and Dr. Jennifer McNabb, and Assistant Professors Dr. Febe Pamonag and Dr. Roberto Mazza.

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