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Dr. Ute Chamberlin


Dr. Ute Chamberlin Awarded URC Grant by WIU

May 4, 2011

Dr. Ute Chamberlin, Assistant Professor of History, has been awarded a University Research Council (URC) Grant in Western Illinois University's Spring 2011 grant competition. The URC Grant will partially fund her new research on the social and cultural roles of immigrant German women in their midwestern communities. Dr. Chamberlin's research will be conducted using historical sources available only in archival collections located in Minnesota, Wisconsin, Missouri, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, and Pennsylvania. URC Grants are primarily intended to provide support for new research projects by faculty in their first five years at WIU. Dr. Chamberlin has also been the recipient of a Summer Research Stipend from the WIU Foundation.

Dr. Chamberlin's newest research project will shed light on larger issues pertaining to the origins and motivations for German women's emigration to the American Midwest, on their associational life, religious activities, and civic involvement after arriving in the region, and on their roles in preserving German culture, language, and customs in their new communities.

Other History Department faculty receiving URC Grants from the university in recent years include Professor of History Dr. Scott Palmer, Associate Professors Dr. Virginia Jelatis, Dr. Peter Cole, Dr. Lee Brice, Dr. Greg Hall, Dr. Walter Kretchik, Dr. Ed Woell, Dr. Jennifer McNabb, and Dr. Richard Filipink, and Assistant Professors Dr. Febe Pamonag and Dr. Roberto Mazza.

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