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Dr. Jen McNabb is pilloried!

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Abby Lagemann in the stocks

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Demonstrating the Ballista

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May 13, 2008

History majors demonstrated their undergraduate research projects for the University and surrounding communities on May 1 in the grassy area behind Morgan Hall. Students engaged in projects that explore the past through experimental archaeology set up and demonstrated their creations, including the ballista (manned by Roman soldiers in armor) and two judicial punishment devices from early modern England: the stocks and the pillory. The students test fired the ballista for range and accuracy and tested the pillory (on Dr. Jennifer McNabb) and stocks (on Abby Lagemann) for effectiveness.

The student researchers are Myles Cameron (in armor) with a small ballista, Rob Ramaker (in armor) and Dirk Yarker (in tunic) with a large ballista (all working with Associate Professor of History Dr. Lee Brice); and Abby Lagemann with the stocks and pillory (working with Assistant Professor Dr. Jennifer McNabb, who agreed to be pelted with plates of whipped cream while standing in the pillory). These projects were all supported with Undergraduate Research Grants from the WIU College of Arts & Sciences and from the WIU Department of History.

See the link in the blue box to the right for History major and NPR reporter Alex Heuer's radio report on WIUM-FM (NPR) about the research project demonstrations, including the sounds of the ballista (with Myles Cameron) and the pilloried Dr. McNabb (with Abby Lagemann).

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