Undergraduate Research in History

The Department of History, in conjunction with the College of Arts and Sciences, actively supports Undergraduate Research. Each student involved in an undergraduate research project works with a faculty mentor during the application process (if applying for grant funding) as well as while conducting the research itself.


History Students and Faculty at Undergraduate Research Day

History students' undergraduate research projects are frequently presented at the University's Undergraduate Research Day, held each year. 


Marlaina Haberman & Kristin Leighty with their 2010 Phi Kappa Phi Undergraduate Research Paper Awards

Some of the most outstanding historical research papers produced by WIU students are published by the Department's chapter of Phi Alpha Theta , the national history honor society, in its new on-line journal, the Western Illinois Historical Review .


History Students and Faculty at WIU's Undergraduate Research Day

History majors regularly make undergraduate research presentations at Purdue University's Undergraduate Research Conference and at the annual  Regional Phi Alpha Theta Conference .


History's Undergraduate Research Day participants


Undergraduate Research Day podium presentation   

The History Department provides research grants to undergraduate History majors in conjunction with the College of Arts and Sciences, to encourage students to undertake individual historical research projects mentored by members of the History Department faculty. Funds are made available through a competitive process each semester to support the historical research itself, as well as to help defray the expenses students incur when presenting their research at academic conferences off-campus. WIU's affiliation with the Council on Undergraduate Research (CUR) provides our students with access to a national network of undergraduate researchers. Undergraduate researchers who plan to go to graduate school are encouraged to register with CUR's Registry of Undergraduate Researchers , the purpose of which is to match qualified undergraduates with appropriate graduate programs. Students post their information in the Registry during their junior or senior year, and graduate programs look at this information and contact students who they think are especially qualified. Students may update or revise information in the Registry.


Dr. McNabb in the pillory built by then-undergraduate researcher Abby Lagemann

History's Undergraduate Research in the News

  • Congratulations and Thank You to all of the History Majors and Graduate Students who participated in the Spring 2015 Undergraduate Research Day events!