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Get the Most Out of Your Liberal Arts and Sciences Education

Begin Planning Early. Meet with an advisor early in your degree (first semester) to discuss your goals and which emphasis of study will best serve those goals.

Reflect Often. Consider how the courses you take contribute to the skills and experiences that will lead you to the opportunities you desire to achieve your goals.

Network. Get to know your professors, build a rapport with them and your advisor, take advantage of extracurricular opportunities.

Be Proactive. This degree allows you the flexibility to tailor your degree to particular goals, and actively connecting with those who stand at the gateway to those goals is critical to success.

  • Jobs: begin visiting career fairs early to ask questions of potential employers to help you choose courses and opportunities that will lead to the career you want.
  • Advanced degrees: talk to professors and graduate advisors about graduate programs—the opportunities they will provide and the steps you need to take as an undergraduate to be competitive for the program you desire.

Graduate Forms

MLAS Graduate Student Handbook (PDF)

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