College of Arts and Sciences

The Bachelor of Liberal Arts and Sciences Program

Offered on the WIU-Macomb and WIU-Quad Cities campuses


The Bachelor of Liberal Arts and Sciences (BLAS) program is a 120 semester hour baccalaureate program with a 39 semester hour (minimum) major course of study. In addition to an introductory course and a senior capstone course, BLAS students select one of four emphases of study in the major. Students also complete the General Education requirements of the College of Arts and Sciences (CAS) as well as a minor program of study in a discipline of the student's choosing. Open electives round out the degree requirements (see below):

I.     University General Education and CAS BLAS Requirements: 57 s.h.
II.    Core Courses: 6 s.h.
       LAS 195 Introduction to Liberal Arts and Sciences (3 s.h.)
       LAS 495 Liberal Arts and Sciences Senior Capstone (3 s.h.)
III.   Emphases of Study (select Multidisciplinary Studies emphasis, Environmental Studies emphasis, Peace Corps emphasis, or Paired Minor emphasis; at least 18 s.h. must be at the 300 or 400 level): at least 33 s.h.
IV.  Minor: minimum of 16-24 s.h.
V.   Open electives: 0-8 s.h.

Emphases in the LAS degree

Peace Corps

Students pursuing the Peace Corps emphasis follow a multidisciplinary curriculum that integrates courses approved for the WIU Peace Corps Prep program with a focus on community development and international service. Completion of the emphasis alone does not constitute completion of the WIU Peace Corps Prep program. For more information on PC Prep, visit the Peace Corps Prep website or contact them at

Paired Minor 

Students pursuing the paired minor emphasis choose two minors from the Arts & Sciences to combine into a strategically focused, interdisciplinary major (see the Undergraduate Catalog for minor pairing options).


Through participation in the LAS program, students will have the opportunity to study with a highly qualified and diverse faculty, who hold advanced degrees from prestigious institutions from the United States and around the world.


LAS students are eligible for a diverse range of scholarships. Contact the Scholarship Office for additional information. 

Transfer Students

The LAS degree is designed to be 'friendly' to transfer students. In most cases, students entering the LAS program with an A.A. or A.S. degree should be able to complete the program within four semesters. Students pursuing an associate degree and plan to enroll in the LAS program, should consult with their advisor to ensure a smooth transition to WIU.

Student in bleachers with laptop at mock electionCollege of Arts and Sciences Undergraduate Research and Creative Activity

The CAS Undergraduate Research and Scholarly Activity Grant and the Norman and Carmelita Teeter Undergraduate Research Award have had a phenomenal effect on students’ learning experiences. Undergraduate students work directly with faculty mentors, in all disciplines throughout the College, to conduct research and creative activity projects. Through their research, students learn to seek answers in a logical and methodical way, and to communicate their answers in an more understandable language for those outside a particular discipline. The knowledge gained will provide a skill-set that will last a student's lifetime. For more information, go to the CASUGR webpage.

Honors College

Interested in the Honors College?  


Only students who are enrolled in the Centennial Honors College may register for honors courses. To qualify for the Centennial Honors College, entering freshmen must fall into one of the following categories:  

     * 28 ACT composite or higher;  
     * 26 or 27 ACT composite and in the top 15 percent of graduating class;  
     * 24 or 25 ACT composite and in the top 10 percent of graduating class.  

Comparable  SAT   score is acceptable.  
Transfer and current WIU students who wish to join the Honors College (including the Quad Cities Honors Program) must have a 3.4 grade point average on a 4.0 scale based on 12 or more semester hours at an accredited university.  


Application Form

After College

The LAS degree is designed to prepare students for a productive life, equipping them with the transferrable skills most valued by employers: the ability to think critically, to communicate cogently and persuasively, to analyze situations and synthesize information, and to approach and understand things from a variety of perspectives. The LAS degree can prepare students for careers in journalism, social services, public relations, politics, customer service, advertising, recruitment, personnel, and more. Students who complete the LAS degree may also consider graduate studies in English, History, Journalism, Law, Biology, Psychology, Sociology, Communication, and other professional disciplines. Additionally, our Master of Liberal Arts and Science degree provides the opportunity for further customized graduate education.

For advising appointment

Macomb Campus

Ellen Poulter
Morgan Hall 436

Quad Cities Campus

New students:

Kenny Wheeler
QC, Riverfront Hall 108F

Transfer students:

Curtis Williams
QC, Riverfront Hall 200

For program information contact:

Dr. Betsy Perabo, Director and BLAS Advisor
Dr. Amy Carr, Director and MLAS Advisor
Department of Liberal Arts and Sciences
Morgan Hall 232
Macomb, IL 61455

Visit the Quad Cities website for the program offered at the Quad Cities.