College of Arts and Sciences

Professor S'Thembile West.Why Take Women's Studies?

The Minor

A minor in women's studies is an excellent complement to most majors. Students pursuing majors in the social sciences, communications, humanities, education, social work, recreation park and tourism administration, law enforcement and justice administration, health sciences, business, or any human services oriented discipline could particularly benefit from a minor in women's studies.

Graduate Courses in Women's Studies

This program is intended to provide advanced education in content areas that will complement other graduate programs or be used as a credential to indicated education in areas of multicultural diversity.

Specific Careers

The National Women’s Studies Association (NWSA) surveyed 200 women’s studies programs in 2005 and found that women’s studies graduates were widely dispersed in many job and graduate education programs.  Some of the listed occupations were highly specific, such as “Director of a YMCA,” or “Features Editor for Elle magazine,” but most occupations included large categories of jobs, such as “children’s advocacy,” or “fiscal analyst.”  The majority of occupations listed by the NWSA were in social services, non-profit agency careers, social justice, women’s health care or fitness, personnel, or journalism and related careers.

The NWSA also listed websites that might be useful for women’s studies graduates.  Some of the listed websites were: