Department of Mathematics and Philosophy

Gregory Baramidze
Department of Mathematics and Philosophy


Instructor/Associate Faculty


Ph.D., University of Georgia-Athens (Computer Science, specializing in Computational Biology, Ying Xu)

M.A.M.S., University of Georgia-Athens (Applied Mathematics)

M.S., Center for Environmental Management and Planning, Tbilisi, Georgia (Environmental Management)

B.S./M.S., Tbilisi State Univerisity, Georgia (Physics/Biophysics) 

Contact Information:

(309) 298-1174
419 Morgan Hall

Spring 2018 Office Hours:

Monday & Wednesday: 10:00-11:00
Tuesday & Thursday: 11:00-12:00
Or by appointment

Courses Taught:


  • Topics in Computer-Assisted Mathematics (Math 280)
  • Discrete Mathematical Structures for Computer Science (Math 255)
  • Computer Algebra Systems (Math 183)
  • Precalculus Algebra (Math 128)
  • Creative Perspectives in Mathematics (Math 102)
  • Concepts of Mathematics (Math 101)
  • Core Competency in Mathematics (Math 100)

At other universities:

  • Analytic Geometry and Calculus
  • Mathematics of Decision Making
  • Elementary Differential Equations
  • Theoretical Computer Science (Automata/Computability/Complexity)
  • Object-Oriented Programming (Java, C#)
  • Introduction to Programming (Java, C#)
  • Scripting Languages for Web Programming (JavaScript/PHP)

Research Interests: My main area of interest is computational biology. In particular, I am interested in mathematical and computational modeling of biological processes and modeling and simulation in general.

Research with undergraduate students: Motivated junior/senior level students may be interested in exploring selected topics in the area of mathematical (and computational) modeling of cancer development or other biological processes.

Selected Publications:

  • In preparation:  “Influence of Warburg effect on tumor growth: Multiphase Modeling of Tumor Growth Dynamics under Microenvironmental Stresses.”
  • with Tabidze, V., Pipia, I., Gogniashvili, M., Ujmajuridze, L., Beridze, T., Hernandez, A.G., & Schaal, B. (2014). The complete chloroplast DNA sequence of eleven grape cultivars. Simultaneous resequencing methodology. Journal International des Sciences de la Vigne et du Vin, 48(2), 99-109.
  • with Silver, G.A., Miller, J.A., Hybinette, M., & York, W.S. (2010). DeMO: An Ontology for Discrete-event Modeling and Simulation. Simulation.
  • with Crystal, J. D. (2007). Endogenous oscillations in short-interval timing. Behavioural Processes, 74 (2), 152-158.
  • with Miller, J.A. (2005). Simulation and the Semantic Web. Proceedings of the 2005 Winter Simulation Conference (WSC'05), Orlando, FL, 2371-2377.
  • with Miller, J.A., Fishwick, P.A. & Sheth, A.P. (2004). Investigating Ontologies for Simulation Modeling. Proceedings of the 37th Annual Simulation Symposium (ANSS'04), Arlington, VA, 55-71.