Department of Mathematics and Philosophy

Past Theses

  1. Nazar Emirov, “Asymptotic stability and the domain of attraction for nonlinear control systems," MS Thesis, Summer 2015.
  2. Hassan Rafique, “Biologically Feasible Epidemic Models and Stability of Disease Free System for Disease Control,” MS Thesis, Summer 2015.
  3. Abolfazl Karimi, “Reverse Mathematics,” MS Thesis, Summer 2015.
  4. Amanda Meiners, “Analysis of Student Achievement in Mathematics Using Data from Illinois and National Standardized Exams 2000-2014”, MS Thesis, Spring 2015.
  5. Christina B Beisel, “Iterated Conditional Modes Algorithm For Medical Image Denoising," MS Thesis (ProQuest Database document ID: 1548332312, ISBN: 9781303943645), Spring 2014.
  6. Franck Njeunje, “Methods of optimal ensemble controls for linear systems," MS Thesis (ProQuest Database document ID: 1494125056, ISBN: 9781303659706), Summer 2013.
  7. Peter Kay III, “Modeling temperature dynamics of inductively heated shape memory polymers doped with magnetic nanoparticles," MS Thesis (ProQuest Database document ID: 1400505123, ISBN: 9781303127885), Spring 2013.
  8. Emrah Gunel, “An Economic Optimization Strategy for Residential Micro Combined Heat and Power Units," MS Thesis (ProQuest Database document ID: 2757591691, ISBN: 9781267572271), Summer 2012.