Department of Mathematics and Philosophy

Undergraduate Research - Philosophy


David Haugen David Haugen

Interests: Metaphysics, Modern Philosophy, Analytic Philosophy, Epistemology

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Gordon Pettit Gordon Pettit

Research Interests: My primary area of interest is in philosophy of religion, including philosophical theology and the problem of evil. I also have interests in metaphysics broadly conceived and in particular, the topic of free will and moral responsibility.

Research with undergraduate students: Through our Phil 499 and Phil 312 courses, I am glad to work with students on any topic in philosophy of religion, metaphysics, or ancient philosophy. I am also interested in moral philosophy and applied ethics and would be happy to assist students in those areas as well.

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Brian Powell Brian Powell

Research Interests: Ethics, Political Philosophy, Philosophy of Law.

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Christopher Pynes Christopher Pynes

Research Interests: My philosophical interests are broad, but I am especially interested in issues related to logic, philosophy of science, and moral philosophy.

Research with undergraduates: Given my wide philosophical interests and my desire to promote good philosophical skills with students, I am generally willing to engage in just about any research topic. Most often for non-philosophy minors who want to do honors projects, we work on logic puzzles, argumentation, and taking the LSAT. For more advanced philosophy students, topics from past projects include: Baye's Theorem, modal logic, legal reasoning and SCOTUS decisions, Rawls vs. Nozick, Scalia on Reading Law, and medical ethics and organ donation.

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