Department of Mathematics and Philosophy

Presentations by Mathematics Majors at the 2008 Undergraduate Research Day

Several of our mathematics majors participated in the 2008 Undergraduate Research Day on April 16th. Following is a listing of those students along with the names of their faculty advisors and their topics.

  • Michael Baramidze - Dr. Victoria Baramidze, advisor - "Using Spherical Harmonies to Approximate Functions on the Unit Sphere"
  • Sarah Cane - Dr. Boris Petracovici, advisor - "Calculating the Heat Flow Through a Sphere Using Fourier Expansions: How the Fourier Series Can Help Make Sure Your Meatball is Cooked to Perfection"
  • Sarah Cramsey and Tyler Van Vleet - Dr. Marko Kranjc, advisor - "The Newton's Method"
  • Kirsten Goranson - Dr. James Olsen, advisor - "Rates: Activities for Improving Multiplicative, Proportional, and Algebraic Reasoning for the ISAT, PSAE, and Life"
  • Lindsay Henderson and Dustin Macdermott - Dr. Marko Kranjc, advisor - "Bisection Method of Approximating Zeros of Functions"
  • Breanne Hoffman - Dr. Feridun Tasdan, advisor - "Analysis of the Effects of Origin and Relevant Baseline Medical Conditions on Death or Myocardial Infarction in the PURSUIT Trial"
  • Samer Khouri and Kyle Lovell - Dr. Iraj Kalantari, advisor - "A Function Can Be Continuous Everywhere and Not Differentiable Anywhere (Using MAPLE)"
  • Carla Webb - Dr. Victoria Baramidze, advisor - "Bessel's Function: A Study of its Zeros"
  • Carla Webb - Dr. Rumen Dimitrov, advisor - "Using Principal Component Analysis to Extract Meaning from Text"