Department of Mathematics and Philosophy

Presentations by Mathematics Majors at the 2011 Undergraduate Research Day

Several of our mathematics majors participated in the 2010 Undergraduate Research Day on April 20th. Following is a listing of those students along with the names of their faculty advisors and their topics.

  • Serdar Muhametberdiyev with faculty mentor Dr. Feridun Tasdan - "Analysis of Macomb’s Wind Data Using R Program"
  • Shufang Liu with faculty mentor Dr Marie-Claire Koissi - "Apollonian Circles"
  • Hayley Moore and Joe Illichman with faculty mentor Dr. James Olsen - "Navigating the Landscape of Fraction, Decimal, and Percent Problems"
  • Lindsay Henderson with faculty mentor Dr. Robert Mann - "Where Are We Now? Student Achievement in the New Millennium"