Department of Mathematics and Philosophy

Presentations by Mathematics Majors at the 2012 Undergraduate Research Day

Several of our mathematics majors participated in the 2012 Undergraduate Research Day on April 18th. Following is a listing of those students along with the names of their faculty advisors and their topics.

  • Joseph Illinchman with faculty mentor Dr. Robert Mann - "Triangle Treachery: Investigating the Area and Perimeter of a Triangle to Create Connections between Algebra, Geometry, and Measurement"
  • Anginette Parsons with faculty mentor Dr. Iraj Kalantari - "Moving from Conjecture to Confirmation in Mathematics"
  • Josh Davis with faculty mentor Dr. Marko Kranjc - "Fourier Series"
  • Grant McCreight, Julia Farnesi, Katy Hattula, and Dayna WIlkens with faculty mentor Dr. Marie-Claire Koissi - "Fibonacci Sequences, the Rabbit problem, and the Golden Ratio"
  • Tara Rednour, Brianna Martin, and Jennifer Powell with faculty mentor Dr. Marie-Claire Koissi- "Archimedes Calculation of the Area of a Circle and the Volume Formulas"