Department of Mathematics and Philosophy

Bachelor of Science in Mathematics - Teacher Licensure

YouTube button Students in this comprehensive major earn a degree in mathematics and obtain an Illinois Professional Educator License to teach mathematics in grades 9-12.

The program produces teachers who can find employment and share their knowledge and appreciation of mathematics with the youth of Illinois and other states.

Some majors of this option continue on to graduate school and then may teach mathematics at the community college, college, or university level. In all cases, the graduates of this program have the opportunity to impact and inspire future generations by exposing them to the beauty and power of mathematics.

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Current Shortage of Math Teachers

According to many reports, there is an acute shortage of teachers of math, science, and special education, and the need for good teachers is increasing every year.

Why Choose Mathematics Education at Western Illinois University?

Mathematics teacher education at Western is unique because:

  • As part of the curriculum, all mathematics majors in this teacher education option have an opportunity to teach an intermediate algebra lab twice per week under mathematics faculty supervision.
    • This is a paid position.
    • This on-campus experience is in addition to teaching experiences out in the schools.
  • Mathematics Resource Office (MRO) availble for students.
    • Hands-on learning materials.
    • Lesson planning resources.
    • Tables for student work.
    • iPad mini-lab.
  • Students attend professional teacher conferences with area teachers.
  • Math Club student group.
    • Pizza, pop, socializing, and interesting math talks by faculty, WIU graduates, and invited guests.


Requirements in the Department of Mathematics Teacher Education option are sufficiently flexible to allow for individual interests and some specialization based on career goals. 

Teacher Education Program