Department of Mathematics and Philosophy

Brian Powell

Brian Powell
Department of Mathematics and Philosophy



Ph.D., University of Virginia (2005)
M.A., University of Virginia
B.A. Westminster College

Contact Information:

(309) 298-2833
447 Morgan Hall

Fall 2019 Office Hours:

On leave

Courses Taught:

Phil 120: Contemporary Moral Problems
Phil 205: Philosophy, Law, and Society
Phil 325: Existentialism
Phil 330: Moral Philosophy
Phil 400: Social & Political Philosophy
Phil 420: Philosophy of Law

Research Interests: Ethics, Political Philosophy, Philosophy of Law.

Selected Publications:

  • Powell, B. (2016). Killing, letting die, and the death penalty. International Journal of Applied Philosophy, 337-346.
  • Powell, B. (2016). Kierkegaard on the eternal validity of the self. International Journal of Philosophy and Theology, 305-314.
  • Powell, B. (2012). Two libertarian arguments for basic income proposals. Basic Income Studies: An International Journal of Basic Income Research.
  • Powell, B. (2009). Discourse ethics and moral rationalism. Dialogue: Canadian Philosophical Review, 48, 373-386.
  • Powell, B. (2006). Rawls, democracy, and ideology. Auslegung, Vol. 28 No. 2.
  • Powell, B. (2006). Kant and Kantians on 'the normative questions'. Ethical Theory and Moral Practice, 9, 535-544.
  • Powell, B. (2005). Revisitng Nagel on altruism. Philosophical Pappers, 235-259.