Department of Mathematics and Philosophy

Internship Instructions

MATH 602 Internship in Applied Mathematics entails mathematical work or training conducted at a professional institution, university or government organization and will be presented in a final paper or portfolio demonstrating advanced proficiency in an applied mathematics field.

Graded S/U.  Prerequisite: Permission of the Graduate Committee.


Dr. Victoria Baramidze, Interim Chair
Department of Mathematics & Philosophy
Morgan Hall 476
(309) 298-1054

Dr. Dinesh Ekanayake
Graduate Coordinator, Dept. of Mathematics
Morgan Hall 463B
(309) 298-1239



A.    The chair of the graduate committee coordinates all the internship activities and serves as the Internship Coordinator of the department. All internships must first be approved by the coordinator.

B.    Any faculty member responsible for monitoring an internship while it is in progress serves as the Internship Supervisor.


The student must prepare a proposal, submit it to the internship coordinator, and be granted approval.


A.    Minimum overall G.P.A. required:  3.0
B.    Minimum major G.P.A. required:  3.0
C.    Students may count toward the major up to 3 s.h. each of the MATH 602 internship, for a maximum of 6 s.h.
The number of credit hours will be determined by the department graduate committee after examining the description and the hours of the activities undertaken for the internship.
D.    The internship site must have an existing Internship Program within its organization.
E.    The application must be submitted in advance of the date of the proposed internship.  SPECIFICALLY, THIS MUST BE DONE PRIOR TO FINAL EXAM PERIOD OF THE SEMESTER PRIOR TO INTERNSHIP.


A.    Submit the completed proposal.
B.    Submit documentation of the company’s Internship Program.
C.    Submit the documentation from the company regarding the specific internship site and work assigned.
D.    Provide the on-site supervisor contact information and offering letter (if available) from the internship program.


It is the responsibility of the interning student to complete all the requirements listed below and submit materials to the Department Internship Supervisor.

A.    Weekly Log - Include duties performed, experiences and personal insights for each day.

B.    Final Internship Report - The student will submit to the Faculty Internship Supervisor a report on the activities undertaken during the internship. This report is to be detailed and relate the activities to the student's degree program. The frequency with which the student should report on internship activities during the internship is at the discretion of the Faculty Internship Supervisor.

C.    Letter of Evaluation - Request a letter of evaluation regarding the student’s internship performance from the on-site supervisor, to be sent directly to the Department Internship Coordinator or the student’s Internship Supervisor.

The weekly log, final internship report, and letter of evaluation must be submitted to the Department Internship Coordinator and to the student’s Internship Supervisor before credit can be awarded.


Write a letter of evaluation of the intern’s performance during the internship.  Mail it directly to the Department Internship Coordinator or to the student’s Internship Supervisor at the completion of the internship.


Serve as the faculty contact for the internship provider. Evaluate the weekly log and grade the final Report of Internship Activities.


A.    Evaluate the internship documentation and offering letter submitted by the student and approve the internship registration.
B.    Assign a grade at the completion of the internship, with the support of the faculty internship supervisor.