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Master of Science in Mathematics

Preparation to become a computational scientist, statistician, systems analyst, operations research analyst, post secondary teacher, a proficient candidate for a doctoral program in mathematics...

The master's program in the Department of Mathematics and Philosophy provides an alternative to traditional programs by preparing students who would pursue a career in business, industry, or government, as well as to train mathematicians who would pursue further study towards a doctoral degree. The program offers a flexible course structure, built on core courses and focus area courses from your choice of a wide range of specializations.

MS Program Overview

  • Requires sufficient competence in mathematics coursework (as determined by the Department Graduate Committee) to be considered for admission.
  • Various assistantship positions are available, including teaching support assistantships (tutoring in math help centers) and teaching assistantships (teach undergraduate classes).
  • The degree requires 36 semester hours (s.h.).
  • The program consists of 18 s.h. of core courses, 6 s.h. of mathematics directed electives, and 12 s.h. of focus area courses. Both the theoretical framework and the applications of computational mathematics, statistics, and analysis are covered in the core courses.
  • The program also allows students to choose a focus area. Through four focus courses, the focus area helps students gain expertise with key concepts of a field within mathematics, or in a discipline related to mathematics. Diverse options are available for the choice of a focus area, including: applied mathematics, Ph.D. pursuit, statistics, teaching of mathematics, biology, business, chemistry, computer science, decision sciences, economics, environmental science, finance, or physics.

Integrated Baccalaureate and Master’s Degree in Mathematics

The integrated baccalaureate and master’s degree program provides an opportunity for academically strong undergraduate mathematics majors to complete both the bachelor’s and master’s degrees in five years.

Integrated Program Overview

  • Must be a WIU undergraduate mathematics major choosing option A (mathematics) or option C (computational and data-enabled applied mathematics and statistics).
  • Must complete 60 s.h. of college coursework with at least 21 s.h. of mathematics, to include MATH 231, 280, 311, and 341 with grades of no less than B, before applying for admission to the integrated program.
  • Must have a cumulative GPA of 3.25 or higher and a major GPA of 3.25 or higher.
  • Up to nine semester hours of the courses designated as bridge courses (see MS handbook) may count in both the undergraduate degree (option A or option C only) and the master’s degree in mathematics.

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